First Page Critique – Zip & Millie: Siberian Adventure

by Debbie Burke @burke_writer Please welcome today’s Brave Author who’s submitted a first page entitled: Zip&Milly: Siberian Adventure “Raccoon” — an inquisitive legal assistant from Ducklingburg, U.S.A., appeared in the car of a speeding Siberian commuter rail quite unexpectedly. Appeared being … Continue reading

TKZ Library

Since TKZ blog was launched in 2008, we have accumulated thousands of posts on the mechanics and art of writing fiction. TKZ Library is a collection of the best of the best posts—a treasure trove of tips, advice and real-world … Continue reading

About TKZ

The Kill Zone mission The Kill Zone is the home of 11 top suspense writers and publishing professionals. We cover the publishing biz, marketing how-to’s, and the craft of writing. Each day, we’ll open the doorway into the world of the … Continue reading

Mystery Publishing News – Recent Shakeups

  An author in search of a publisher often feels like a cat trying to catch a laser pointer. The target moves up the wall, down the stairs, sideways, backwards, and spins you around in circles. Even when you’re lucky … Continue reading