READER FRIDAY: What Book Would You Like to See Developed for Movies? (Yours or Another Novel)


Have you ever dreamed about one of your books or your series becoming a movie? Dream big or go home, I say. Share your thoughts and why you think your book(s) would make a good film.

Or maybe you have a favorite book that you would like to see on the big or small screen. Tell us about that book and why you think it would be a great film.

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Bestselling, critically-acclaimed author Jordan Dane’s gritty thrillers are ripped from the headlines with vivid settings, intrigue, and dark humor. Publishers Weekly compared her intense novels to Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner, and Tami Hoag, naming her debut novel NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM as Best Books of 2008. She is the author of young-adult novels written for Harlequin Teen, the Sweet Justice thriller series for HarperCollins., and the Ryker Townsend FBI psychic profiler series, Mercer's War vigilante novellas, and the upcoming Trinity LeDoux bounty hunter novels set in New Orleans. Jordan shares her Texas residence with two lucky rescue dogs. To keep up with new releases & exclusive giveaways, click HERE

23 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: What Book Would You Like to See Developed for Movies? (Yours or Another Novel)

  1. Hands down, my western series, The Wes Crowley Saga, but probably in five 2-hour segments in a mini-series.

    For a single 2-hour film, my “they come here” SF, The Consensus. I’d love to see what Fx could come up with for the aliens, to see how closely they could match the form of the aliens in the book.

    But what about Yours, Jordan? You gotta answer the question too, right?

    • Ha! You got me. I had movie interest on my YA debut IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS. CBS Films & Miley Cyrus’s mom. But nothing came of it. I’d also like to see the kickass women of my Sweet Justice series on the big or small screen. Charlie’s Angels on steroids.

      I love a good Western, Harvey. Western were my first addictive reads when I was a child. And who wouldn’t want to see their own aliens brought to life? I love it.

  2. The Guardian Trilogy by Nora Roberts. It’s magical and surprising in many ways, with the all famous romance, and epic saving of the world: an immortal, a seer, a werewolf, a mermaid and a time traveler saving the world. There are some horror elements in it too. It’s such a fun mixture of genres. It was fun to read and I am sure fun to watch.

      • I forgot to think about my books and if I would nominate any of them. As to suspense: then my not yet finished The Life Upside Down series and the two books in it “Seven Broken Pieces” and “A Spy’s Daughter,” which are out for some time now.
        But there is also a book especially dear to my heart (not only because it was the first one: the book telling the story of my father on his search for his family that he lost in the World War II. It would be wonderful to see him come to life again on screen.
        Sorry for being a little sentimental. If this book ever becomes a movie, I am sure the whole project would be very emotional for me.

  3. Thought-provoking post question, Jordan!

    And the answer is: my historical novel NEW YORK 1609. Of course ;-).

    Did anyone else see THE NEW WORLD starring Colin Farrell (2005)? It was a beautifully filmed period film about Jamestown, Pocahontas, and Capt. John Smith (Farrell). Something like that, although an 8-part miniseries on Netflix could also work. If done right, it would put Netflix’s FRONTIER to shame. My story is *way* more interesting. I mean, the birth of the world’s first megacity? The legendary “purchase” of Manhattan for “beads and baubles”? Talk about The Art of the Deal! You can’t make this stuff up.

    I got a nibble from a film rights agent in Hollywood that fizzled, but I’m still hopeful. And being an Indie means I own all the underlying rights, including for adaptation. It’s just a matter of time.

    • I love that period in NYC. It would be magical to imagine early New York. Wow. I have a great deal of respect for historical fiction writers, Harald. It’s a labor of love, combining two passions. Keep believing in the dream.

  4. I have no affiliation with these guys but thought readers of your blog might find this new services interesting – supposedly they make your novel idea accessible to content providers for the movies. A part of me is leery – what is to prevent someone from taking your story? But then they can do that by just buying your book, I guess. Anyway, thought others might be interested.

    • Interesting but I’m leery too, Maggie. They could be legit & only looking for a cut. Best to be cautious.

      Anything online makes me worried about international exploitation of intellectual property copyrights.

    • I drilled down into the taleflick link & the site has the feel of ACX for audio, like an independent author might explore. Thanks for posting it, Maggie.

  5. Back in 2009 my second novel 65 BELOW got movie interest but tragically the whole deal fell apart when my agent unexepectedly passed away. I didn’t learn of her passing for several months and by then the deal was water under the bridge.

    That said, if another of my books were to find its way into movie realm, I think my latest series, ICE HAMMER would be a great candidate. It follows an Alaskan family, husband, wife and three sons, who are separated in the opening days of a war, each making their own path as part of the resistance, unknowing if the others are even alive. With the third and final book of the trilogy available at the end of this year it is ready for someone to hand me bundles of cash in exchange for making the series of a lifetime. 😉

  6. Butch and Moondance by Marks Nester which describes the adventures of two women who form an unusual friendship and make their way through the Wild West, meeting with iconic characters (both historical figures and from many Western movies).

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