Reader Friday: 4 Objects in Your WIP

Without explanation, name four objects in your WIP.

No characters, no pets, nothing with a heartbeat. I’m looking for four objects. One could be a MacGuffin or simply a random “thing.”



I’ll start the ball rolling with my thriller WIP.

  1. Rope
  2. Antler
  3. Grandfather clock
  4. Dog bed
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74 thoughts on “Reader Friday: 4 Objects in Your WIP

  1. Four items from “Girl on Fire,” my WIP:
    Gum wrapper
    Barbie doll
    Pet kibble
    White 1962 Corvette

  2. A classic Triumph
    A refurbished sailboat
    A secluded cabin
    A burnt chicken

  3. o Medieval wall lamp with citronella candle, hand made wrought iron, butt ugly
    o Brand new 70 Chevelle 2 door hardtop, SS 454, Hurst 4 on the floor, Black Cherry, passes everything on the road except gas stations
    o Bakery Pie Shop, money laundering front for bordello
    o Multicolored shag carpet, vacuumed & raked twice per week, also butt ugly

    • As a teen I had a four inch deep purple shag rug just a few inches short of carpeting.

      You drop something small on that rug you had to vacuum and search the bag in order to find. It.

  4. A short sword, traces of dried blood upon its guard
    A rack, well oiled and polished, 15th C. Moorish construction
    The “Holy Loincloth of San Juan de Sagrada Nada,” a relic
    A 4″x4″ white stone, inscribed, “dPLyC,” damp with tears.

  5. Hey, I’m new to this. Didn’t realize a descriptive answer was OK.
    Here’s mine again.
    1. Dead vines sticking to a tattered hanging planter
    2. A body-worn paint-cracked spindled porch rocker
    3. A fragmented screen door hanging limp from the top hinge like a noosed dead body
    4. A water choked and sputtering metal pipe

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