Reader Friday: Name an Activity You’ve Never Tried

What’s one activity you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t?

This activity might include writing in a different genre, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, public speaking, writing from a new perspective, or scaling the side of a mountain.

What prevented you from doing this activity?

Age should never be a deterrent, but let’s face it, older bones may be more brittle, eyesight may not be as sharp . . . blah, blah, blah. You know the drill.

With that in mind, if you were twenty years younger, would you try this activity? What is it about this activity that appeals to you?


31 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Name an Activity You’ve Never Tried

  1. Autopsy.

    Weird, I know, but I thought it would be a good research activity & other authors have done it. The key is to do it BEFORE LUNCH.

  2. Never any desire to jump out of a plane & such. But this post actually reminds me that while I haven’t gotten to do EVERYTHING I’ve wanted to do to the extent I want to do it, I’ve gotten to at least dabble in many of them.

    I’d like to try being rich and wanting for nothing. That one’s always on the table.

    But I wish 20 years ago instead of doubting myself, I’d thrown caution to the wind & just boldly published my first book (it wasn’t written then, but you know what I mean).

  3. I used to want to try lots of stuff…like skydiving, zip lining, parasailing. Not so much now. Now, just going downtown without a mask is more my speed.

    What I would like to try, given the opportunity, is to be trad published. Indie has its merits, for sure, and I’m glad it’s here to stay, but I’d like to give the other way a go someday. Workin’ on it.

    Probably no surprise to anyone here… 🙂

  4. Skydiving. I have a fear of heights and have had one since I was at least five years old.

  5. I am God’s Gift to bandaids and bruises with no hand to eye coordination, no depth perception, and outdoor allergies, and I’m the size of a hobbit on Ent mead so physical adventures have never been my thing. What I wanted to do like riding, I’ve done so no regrets.

    Intellectually, I’ve been fearless, and my writing and teaching have given me an excuse to geek out on everything from copyright to stage magic to explosions to ethnobotany to paranormal research. When other interests arrive, I will continue to be fearless. No regrets necessary.

    My life has taken many unexpected turns as those metaphorical doors slammed in front of me, and those metaphorical windows have opened onto vistas so unexpected but necessary for those I love. I’ve come to terms that my early life plan was never in my or my family’s best interests so no regrets either.

    I’d tip my Sinatra fedora in your general direction and start singing “My Way,” but I don’t want the music copyright police attacking this blog.

      • My life has taken many unexpected turns as those metaphorical doors slammed in front of me, and those metaphorical windows have opened onto vistas so unexpected but necessary for those I love.

        I can relate.

  6. I would love to go into outer space. (Some people think I’m there already.) I’d like to view the earth from several hundred miles out. We could call it POV Far.

  7. Sky diving for me as well. I have a moderate fear of heights, but I also have a back that probably wouldn’t like thumping into the ground even at the very slow speed of a parachute landing.

    Mystery was the genre I’d enjoyed but held back on writing. In part, because I thought I didn’t have the skills or mindset. In part, because I was also a huge SF/Fantasy* reader and writer. Self-image can be a prison. Now, at long last, I’m writing my first mystery, after a dozen SF/fantasy novels (the first five of which remain in my writer’s trunk). I’m 59–I wish I’d started writing mysteries twenty years ago, but now’s the time 🙂

    *Years ago I attended a panel on mysteries at our local science fiction convention, which made the points that there’s a long history SF mysteries, and mystery elements in science fiction novels, and that many SF readers also read mysteries.

    • I bet that’s true, Dale. Several of my family members enjoy both genres.

      I’m thrilled you moved past self-doubt. The writing community is a better place with you in it.

  8. I read the headline in my In-box and immediately thought Skydiving and then popped through to the blog and there was the opening image — I was set to go during my honeymoon but they had to delay because of weather and we were on a tight schedule and couldn’t stay over in the town. Later on, when I developed knee problems and had to have an artificial one put in, I realized skydiving was off the table for me. Probably just as well – I never did good on roller-coaster. That sudden drop. I’m pretty sure a skydive is a lot like that but it lasts longer.

  9. This isn’t something I’ve never tried but is something that I wish I could do: ice-skating. Unfortunately, the ankles have always been too weak. I love the idea of gliding effortlessly. So when I need some total me-time, I put on music and skate in my head.

    I would also like to be able to climb one of those indoor climbing walls because it would challenge me.

    And dance again.

    But I have no desire to sky-dive. As a wise person once said, “Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane?”

  10. Trek the Annapurna Circuit. I planned on doing this in my early/mid 20s, but then had to cancel that trip for various reasons. I don’t see it happening now, or ever. I’ve learned from other travels that I just don’t do all that well at high altitudes, and that problem is getting worse, not better. Several years back I discovered I have hip dysplasia, which has led to one hip already being resurfaced, and the other hip needs it asap. My knees aren’t the best, either. After I get my other hip fixed I could manage a shorter, lower altitude trek, but the AC is out. Sigh.

    My runner up is walking Dogon country in Mali. Ten years ago I had a fabulous trip planned to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Togo that included this. I was so looking forward to it. But one week before I was to go my mother had a heart attack followed by an emergency triple bypass, and that was the end of that trip. I could have rescheduled this for my next trip, but because of all the trauma surrounding it I decided to wash away the bad vibes with a perfectly lovely trip elsewhere. Then came AQIM, and both Mali and BF have fallen apart, and, well, who knows how many years before it will be safe to go there again. Sigh.

    The good news is there are still lots of fabulous places to go and things to do in the world, no matter your age or physical condition. (NB: I never wanted to jump out of a plane.)

    • So true, Catfriend. Boy could I relate to your physical restrictions. RA and psoriatic arthritis continues to destroy my joints. *sigh* Ah, well, we push onward. 😊

  11. You know I’m weird, Sue, but I’d like to try acting. Not film so much as stage. I think live acting would be a real rush. And I think I’m well suited for acting as I’ve managed to convincingly BS my way through life.

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