READER FRIDAY: Confession Time: I have never…(finish it).

Call it overly sensitive, but I don’t like to see any movie where humans ARE FOOD. Gives me the shivers. My confession?

I have never…SEEN JAWS.

I have never…seen the Grand Canyon. (I hope to remedy this in 2020.)

As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to come clean with your TKZ family. Share something you have NEVER DONE that we might find surprising.

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63 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: Confession Time: I have never…(finish it).

  1. I have not:
    • been to New York City, despite having been to LA, San Fran, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, and yes, even Slap-Out, Alabama . . . though NYC is my birthplace ~ I was moved to DC when I was 18 months old, and the closest I’ve cone is the Statue of Liberty from the Jersey side.

    • been to either Yosemite or the Grand Canyon (both are on the proverbial bucket list).

    • read _Catcher in the Rye_. . . . (Maybe I can correct that when I make a trip to one of the above . . . )

    • My late father, a retired Naval Aviator, always said he never understood why anyone would jump from a perfect good airplane. . .

    • LOL, Jim! Did it, once. Tandem with a friend who was an instructor, had well over 1000 jumps, was and also a helicopter and fixed wing pilot. I figured he knew about all there was to know about being airborne. I did not, however, go back for more. I preferred hang gliding, but somehow managed not to become addicted to that, either. Over abundance of self-preservation, perhaps.

  2. I’m with JSB! No Skydiving for me. Or riding one of those super-duper roller coasters. And sadly to say I’ve never read Jane Eyre. And have not ever seen It’s a Wonderful Life all the way through.

    • You are making Clarence the Angel very sad. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE is the American A CHRISTMAS CAROL in its emotional importance without the standard three ghosts and miser plot so many have borrowed. JANE EYRE is to many readers what PRIDE & PREJUDICE is to others, but Gothic. Very gothic.

  3. I’ve never read GONE WITH THE WIND. My mom loved the novel and movie, but Scarlett is such a b*tch in the movie, I’ve never had the desire to read about her.

    • She has a journey through the movie, Marilynn. By the time she makes a dress from her curtains, she has evolved.

      Actually, when I think of Scarlett wearing her curtains, I think about the Carol Burnett parody where she’s wearing the curtains WITH the drapery rods across her shoulders.

  4. Never have I eaten a persimmon.

    Never have I seen Star Wars — any of them. Or Star Trek.

    Never have I finished a Henry James novel (that man seriously needed an editor).

  5. I have never had a tattoo, smoked, received a speeding ticket, skipped school, watched The Hunger Games or Twilight, finished watching Outlander, skydived, bungee jumped, or rode a zipline. Neither do have any desire to experience any of those things.

    But I must add, I have rode a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and stayed over night at the Phantom Ranch at the bottom, which I highly recommend for a once in a lifetime experience.

  6. I have had two children but never experienced labor, and have zero regrets.

    I’ve never read Tolkien and I think the films are boring.

    I enjoy shooting but have never been hunting or shot an animal.

    I have never met a doughnut I didn’t like.

  7. I have never seen “The Titanic”… and won’t.

    I have never seen the Grand Canyon…maybe some day.

    I have never been on a cruise…and won’t.

    I have never been on skis-of any kind…and won’t.

    BUT…I have been to Vietnam…

    I have won trophies for high-power rifle steel target shooting— and combat-style handgun target shooting…

    And…just to round things out, I have sung (by myself) before an audience of 500 and 2, and any number in between. Much prefer the 500. Ha!

    This is such a fun post…thanks!

  8. Although I have been to New Orleans more than a dozen times I have never made it to Mardi Gras, and not from lack of trying. Something always comes up.

    I have never done standup comedy even though people, including strangers, say I should.

    I have never worn a full (maxi) length dress.

    I have taken off and flown a private plane, but have never landed one – don’t have a license and I am a coward.

  9. I have never seen the Matrix. There are a great many movies I haven’t seen, but I probably should see this one.

    I have never… read “Catcher in the Rye”. Again, probably should. I own a copy, Let’s call it not yet.

    I have never been to Viet Nam or Germany. I am of an age where going to Viet Nam as a tourist is weird. I know to many people who went “on the American plan” and quite a few who did there very best to not go. I have looked at several trips to Germany. No. Or Poland either. We left for a reason.

  10. I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disney World. I booked a trip to LA but a strange storm hit the day we were to go. Never got to the gate.

  11. I have never finished Lord of the Rings nor seen the movies (apart from a few snippets). I’ve tried more than once, especially as it was my sister’s favourite book, but no. It just doesn’t click with me.
    I have read Gone With the Wind (and the movie), all the Harry Potter series. Star Wars but not Star Trek.
    And shhh, don’t tell JSB, I’ve never seen Casablanca. I bought the DVD and misplaced it before I got to watch it. One day it will show up again.

  12. I have never read nor seen the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird (although I have it in either my Kindle or Nook library).

    I have never been to Antarctica.

    I have rafted down the Colorado all the way through the Grand Canyon. I would do that again.

  13. I have never…
    … Watched a daytime soap.
    … Been arrested.
    … Worn snow shoes.
    … Been mistaken for Tom Cruise.
    … Finished a novel. (shorts, novellas & novelettes, but no novel… yet).

  14. I have never:
    Been outside of the U.S.
    Published a novel (yet)
    Read many of the classics, but I do love A Tale of Two Cities
    Been rich or beautiful
    Killed anyone in RL
    Many others but this is it for now.

  15. Things I have not done yet:
    1. Watch Jaws
    2. Eat live octopus (well, at least it was mostly dead, but still squiggly)
    3. fly on my own power (but I have fallen great distances a time or two)
    4. Eat the blue pill
    5. Been to another galaxy (bodily)
    6. Wrestled a bear and lost
    7. Been branded (barely escaped that one)
    8. Had honey poured all over me
    9. been attacked by jealous bees (thanks to my aversion to being bathed in honey no doub)
    10. Swam in an active volcano

    There are a few others, but I don’t want to bore you.

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