Reader Friday: Where Are You?

You’ve just been transported to the time and place of the last book you read.

Where are you?

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55 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Where Are You?

  1. The Texas llano, with Call and Gus and Deets and Pea-Eye and Newt… and Buffalo Hump and Kicking Wolf and Blue Duck… under a mid-1800’s Comanche Moon…

  2. 1861 Virginia.

    I’ve always wished I lived in the 1800’s (but in the west). Would have been so amazing to see/live in a much more sparsely populated and less developed U.S. west.

  3. Munich, Germany. (Although to be honest, the translator seemed to have lost any ‘flavor’ of being in Germany, and I was about 1/3 of the way through the book before I grasped the setting wasn’t England.)

    • I had the reverse experience. I read the first of Jae’s Portland Police Series in English, then read the second in German. Somehow Sondereinheit fΓΌr Sexualdelikte takes me out of Portland and away from the “Sexual Assault Detail.”

      And not because of the translator–Jae’s native language is German and she translates her own work into German.

      Just another way that translation affects a piece of literature, even something as “non-poetic” as genre fiction.

  4. In the book I just finished I was in present day New Orleans and Victorian England, chasing Jack the Ripper. ~ The Curse She Wore by Jordan Dane

  5. Pelican Harbor, Alabama with Colleen Coble’s latest. I can hear the gulls & smell the harbor water lapping the shore. Under a pastel sunrise, I drink my morning coffee on the beach.

    Good morning, Sue. I’m sending you a postcard.

  6. Charleston, South Carolina. A grand old home dating back to the Civil War that’s filled with ghosts who want their mysteries solved, their names cleared of crimes, and treasures found. Also, a heroine so emotionally stupid I wanted to hit her with a bat through most of the novel.

    THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS ON TRADD STREET, Karen White. Mainstream paranormal mystery.

  7. Isla Nublar. I am sitting in a disabled Land Cruiser in front of the tyrannosaur paddock at Jurassic Park

  8. Buena Vista, CO. Present day, and a generation ago. “Long Way Gone”, by Charles Martin.

    Beautiful story, beautiful prose.

    I kinda want to write like him when I grow up…

  9. Where am I? We just cut the orbit of Mercury and even the wisecracking Martians are beginning to wilt. It’s awfully hot in here. The hole in the hull and the fuel feed for the main engines has been fixed but the only way out is forward. The Captain says a cometary orbit will slingshot us around the Sun: easy peasy. Too bad no one’s ever tried is before. We’ll either be the first or the zeroth.

  10. I am currently in the World, a fantasy realm, with a Seventh Swordsmen of the highest rank, a Fourth Swordsmen protΓ©gΓ© of the Seventh, two slaves and a baby on a sacred mission for the Goddess that now includes fighting sorcerers as well as rogue and corrupt swordsmen. It’s the Seventh Sword by Dave Duncan. Excellent. This is the second fantasy series I’ve read by this author. The first, A Man of His Word hooked me from page one and never let me go until the end. Love his writing.

  11. Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco 1970’s. An less than entertaining story concerning a girl, her witch step mother, the son of a Greatful Dead member. Not recomended.

  12. Texas and Oklahoma–though not simultaneously. Empire of the Summer Moon is, in part, about Quanah Parker. Quanah Parker was a most amazing man–and the great-grandfather of my first cousins.

  13. Dickens’ England: London and the surrounding countryside. The Old Curiosity Shop. A very enjoyable read.

  14. The good part of the book I read took place in Branston, CT. Other parts took place in NYC. The Night Before, a thriller by Wendy Walker, is about a girl with a sister who does not return home after a blind date.

  15. I’m in the ancient Hyperborian Age in the city of Shapur with Conan the Cimmerian – Conan and the Manhunters by John Maddox Roberts, a page-turner with lively characters and vivid settings. I would be over-dressed no matter what I wore.

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