READER FRIDAY: Share Your Authory Passion

What makes you passionate about being an author? Has this feeling changed over the  years of your experience?

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12 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: Share Your Authory Passion

  1. Don’t have lots of years under my belt as an author, but here goes.

    Story is the best way to explain me.

    Story is the vehicle of life from one generation to the next.

    I can’t imagine humanity without story. It’d be like 50 first dates…we wouldn’t know yesterday, which would render us anchorless in today, and adrift tomorrow.

    Simply put, I want to tell my stories. I’d like lots and lots of people to read them, but if a few read them and like them, it’s enough. That’s what keeps me learning how to make my stories shine. I don’t know how much time I have left, if my brain will function until I walk out of this room into the Next, so I keep my fingers on the keyboard.

    Passion? It wanes at about 200 pages, then surges back as I persevere.

    Thanks for asking this question. It stacked another brick in my mind.

  2. My great-great grandfather was a calendar keeper. No one from our tribe appointed him, sanctioned him, or gave him performance awards.

    He simply took tanned leather and drew pictures of events on it to remind himself, and perhaps others, of the history event important event that affected our tribe as it wandered the central plains.

    Today, he likely would have been called a novelist or historian.

    I do the same things he did, except I do them with a computer, dictionary, and not at all with home made paints and tanned leather.

  3. I’ve probably a hundred stories in my mind, buzzing around, distracting me throughout the day. It feels to me like some of them simply HAVE TO BE TOLD. It’s arrogant to say, but that’s how it is. I simply have to do write. The problem is in gaining enough skill in the craft so that people might wish to read what I’ve written.

    • Only another writer understands how authors aren’t arrogant when they talk about the writing craft or the creation of stories. I speak about my characters as if they are real, telling people how funny they are. It never feels like I write the words. It’s as if I’m only a scribe for the voices in my head.

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