Reader Friday: Reading Habits

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ~ Stephen King

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” ~ Lisa See

One of my 2019 goals was to devour as many books as possible. Many folks read before bed, but I never could.

Instead, I love reading in the early morning hours and after I’m done writing for the day.

Do you have a set reading schedule? What’s your favorite time to read?

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21 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Reading Habits

  1. Unfortunately, my favorite time to read is when I pull up the covers. The problem is that after a couple of pages, I’m gone. Snoozeville.

    So I schedule reading time during the day, so long as my writing quota is met. I do most of my nonfiction reading via Kindle app so I can highlight and preserve notes for research. For fiction, I still like good ol’ paper.

  2. During lunch break at work is my typical reading time and carving out time to read on weekends. Otherwise, I snatch time wherever I can get it.

  3. When I worked, I read on my lunch break. Now, I read in the evening and late at night, which is my favorite time. When the house goes to sleep and it is nice and quiet, that is when I snuggle in with a good book. However, with recent family circumstances, it has turned in to more whenever I have a few minutes. I carry my kindle with me all the time and grab a few minutes as I can. If I have books I am trying to read, I leave them laying around the house (which seriously bothers my OCD nature, lol) and do the same, read a bit as I can.

    • When the house goes to sleep and it is nice and quiet, that is when I snuggle in with a good book.

      Sounds like heaven. I wish I could stay awake long enough to read in bed.

      Give Mom a gentle hug for me. xo

      • Thank you, I will. She is at a session now.

        I have a comfy chair and lamp upstairs in the back room that I curl up in to read when I can. If I tried from bed either hubby would grumble, lol, or I would probably fall asleep. I have several different books that I read, different genres, at once (usually about 4 or 5) so that helps keep my interest piqued and engaged in the stories. Just love reading!

        • Wow. I’m amazed that so many people juggle numerous books at once. Two is my limit, but only if they’re different genres or if one is non-fiction.

          There’s no better escape than reading!

  4. Breakfast, lunch break, any other break if I am eating alone, bus rides, in the evening with the last tea for the day, when I sit a few minutes at the bedside of my children while they fall asleep, on the weekends as breaks from the household chores, and some other occasions I might have forgotten. Oh, and sometimes during cooking, between stirring in the pans and pots. 😀
    So basically, any time I can. And I read right now more than 15 books in parallel. It is fun (and good practice for the brain) to remember what I read in that book the last time I read it. Only two of them are fiction books (one for learning Danish), and the rest are non-fiction books. Including on writing craft.

    • Wow, Victoria! I bow to your commitment. I’m juggling two at the moment (one true crime and one thriller), and that’s really my limit. Writing time takes priority.

      Did you take the Goodreads Challenge? If so, how many books did you put down for 2019?

      • Writing (and self-editing right now), creating online courses and consulting projects are my priority. So reading occurs in small bits, but whenever I can squeeze it in. It is utterly relaxing and fulfilling. It is also fun to think, “What book do I want to read now at this moment?” So I don’t need to force myself to get finished with a book to read another I want to read. I just choose whatever is fun in the little break I have.
        No, I didn’t take the Goodreads Challenge, because I don’t want to put pressure on myself to get finished with something. The primary parameter for me is fun. It is part of what I write about right now: self-gamification. It is a term I coined to summarize who we can turn our lives into engaging games. So I try to be aware of what is to be done, what is my mood, identify the next small step toward my goals and play with various aspects of the design for my self-motivational games. The areas I turn into games include reading. It is all about enjoying the process and not to try to hurry forward.
        I hope this makes sense. 🙂

  5. I read any time I have a chance on the day (never leave home without something to read just in case plans change), but evenings are typically my best reading time. However, not in bed. The problem isn’t that I will fall asleep but that I will stay up way too long. I read in the living room then turn for the night sans book in hand. And yes, writing has to come first…unless I get a really good book I can’t quit thinking about. The I just shut down everything else until I finish it. It’s the only way I can get it out of my head so I can get back to my own story. By the way, thanks to some of y’all for those times when I have to “just shut down” and finish the book!

    • Your comment reminds me of a fun meme …

      At 3 a.m., you whisper to yourself, “I have to stop” as you turn the page. 🙂

      I’m reading a book like that now. A Killer’s Mind by Mike Omer. It’s so fantastic, I hate having to put it down. If I were to read this book in bed, I’d probably be up till dawn.

  6. Paper books get read early in the morning. I can find a quite spot where the light doesn’t bother rest of the house. It does make paper books slow going, but I stay married.

    I am an IT guy. My day frequently includes waiting for an update to install or a download to finish. Kindle is great to kill the time. My friends are shocked that I can have three books going at once. I got it from my dad. He carried paperbacks with him. Long line at the court house? Waiting for my mom to try something on at the store? Book in pocket. I wonder what he would think of me having more than a dozen in my pocket right now?

    • My Kindle Fire is my constant companion, so I totally get it. As you mentioned, the lit background allows me to read anywhere, even in darkened corner. In the summer, I turn to paperbacks. There’s something magical about lying in the sun with a paperback.

      I bet your father would LOVE that you’re able to travel with so many books, Alan. Happy reading!!!!

  7. I am an avid reader! It’s like breathing or eating for me–if I don’t do it every day, I feel lost and out of sorts. I usually have an upstairs book and a downstairs book going at the same time. My upstairs book is usually a novel that I read before bed. I always need some wind down time after the day, so my reading time is precious to me.

    Then I have a downstairs book that is most often a nonfiction book. I read that during breaks and when I’m eating a meal that my family isn’t around for.

    I have a Kindle for my novels–it’s much easier for me to manage the Kindle in bed. And most often my nonfiction books are paper books–they are usually books I want to flip back and forth on, put sticky notes on for future reference, etc.

    I also use our library a lot. It has digital downloads, so I can get books for my Kindle in addition to paper books. I would be lost without the library!

    • Me too, Jeanne! Thank God for libraries. I love that you have an upstairs book and a downstairs book. Makes so much sense. There’s no deciding which book to read. If you’re downstairs, you read non-fiction. Upstairs is dedicated to fiction. Love that.

  8. Do audio books count? If so, I “read” any time I’m outside for a run. Other than that, I like to sit in our big, comfy recliner in the evening and choose one of the stack of books on the table next to the chair.


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