Writing and Publishing Links Roundup for Week of 11/3

Shutterstock photo purchased by TKZHere’s a links roundup for some recent, interesting articles about writing and the publishing biz. (Link texts follow the hyperlinks). Enjoy reading!

(PW) The Best Books of 2015:

(PBS) Three Lessons on Writing from J.K. Rowling

(Writers in the Storm blog via WD) Query Letters Pet Peeves (by Agents)

(PW) How to build an author’s platform through email lists

(NYT) Russia: Librarian accused of allowing access to banned books

(PW) How to get Self-published books into stores and libraries

(PW) Want to Succeed in Self-publishing? Tips from an Indie Author (Tony Rich)

How about you? In the Comments, please let us know about any interesting articles to add to our list. Thanks!

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    • Hah! I have a library shelf filled with books about poisons–quite the conversation starter!

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