Aftermath of a Writers Conference

Nancy J. Cohen

Recovering from a conference can take as much time or more as preparing for one. When you get home and unpack, you’ll likely have a collection of promo items from other authors to sort through. It’s good to keep some of these, as they can inspire ideas for your swag in the future. I keep swag from other authors in a small shopping bag designated for this purpose. It helps to have samples if you’re thinking of ordering a similar item.

What impressed me at Bouchercon this year? I always like Door Hangers. I did one myself for Hanging by a Hair. I liked the little bags of chocolate covered mints. I don’t remember the author’s name engraved on the M&M sized candies, but I do remember her book title as House of Homicide. One author gave out tape measures. My Bad Hair Day combs were popular, and every one that I put out got taken. As usual, the tables were a mess with print materials, but I picked up bookmarks for titles that interested me. And coasters are always useful. I keep them on my computer desk.


It helps to sort through the business cards we receive and add relevant contact info to our address books. I’d also suggest marking the date and place where you met the person for easy recall later. You might dash off a note to people you’d met or to booksellers who carried your titles. Uploading your photos and blogging about your experience will keep the memories fresh.

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I’m still recovering from Boucheron, held in Raleigh. Here you’ll meet fans as well as other authors, plus a conglomeration of industry personnel. I have piles of materials to sort out and notes from panels attended to write up. But since I’m on the road again for another book event, these tasks will have to wait. This means I won’t be around today to answer comments, but please leave any tips you’d like to share.


8 thoughts on “Aftermath of a Writers Conference

  1. I have 2 door hangers on my door, but for the life of me have no idea who they came from. Your organization never ceases to amaze (and overwhelm) me. I’m lucky to get laundry done within a week of getting home.

    And, speaking of conferences, I’m going to be going to Killer Nashville, where they don’t have giveaway tables (unless you pay for a time slot for one). I’ll be carrying pens, lip balm, and post-its to give away at my panel, and to anyone who wants one. I’ve also got copies of my Silver Falchion finalist book to hand out as gifts during my book signing slot. (If you’ll be at Killer Nashville, stop me and ask for one)

  2. It was excellent to meet you and get your autograph on one of your postcards. And I have a “Bad Hair Day” comb, that was really really clever. It will live in my travel bag.

    I liked and grabbed postcards and bookmarks, which I use, that included cover art that intrigued me. Oh yeah, candy is ALWAYS good.


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