Reader Friday: Who Would Play YOU in a Movie of Your Writer Life?


HERE is a link of the 50 best movies about writers, ranked, that inspired this post:


1.) If you could cast the movie of your writer life, who would play YOU in the starring role?


2.) Who would play your agent?


3.) For those overachievers out there (ie Basil Sands), what would your story log line be for the plot?


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16 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Who Would Play YOU in a Movie of Your Writer Life?

  1. There could be only one. Tatiana Maslany from BBC’s Orphan Black who plays all the many clone faces. I can envision her attempt at capturing the myriad of voices in my head while dressed in a Bjork swan dress.

  2. A hapless writer, forced to wear a Bjork swan dress, gets sucked into the fictional life of a character as her agent/wannabe writer (played by Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul) writes draft after draft.

  3. I suppose that depends on whether you want to go all the way back to my baseball-playing days (Kevin Costner), my years practicing medicine (Robert Young), or my current life as a writer (me, but encased in Spanx and wearing a hairpiece).
    My agent, Rachelle Gardner, would of course play herself.

  4. As much as I’d like to say Daniel Craig or Liam Neeson, or in younger actors perhaps Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds, the casting director would most likely choose Buddy Hackett or Rowin Atkinson although maybe if I begged I’d get Simon Pegg or if I was really lucky Martin Freeman.

    But probably Buddy Hackett.

  5. I’d like to say Sylvester Stallone to play me, but he’s too short (and his shoulders are, unfortunately, wider than mine). So I’ll go with Bradley Cooper, after seeing him in “American Sniper.” Since my wife is a brunette and a black belt, it would have to be Kate Beckinsale playing her.

    • Nice, David. Cooper has been a surprise with his depth. He can do a Hangover movie, but turn in some amazingly powerful performances in more serious films

      I’ve also been a fan of Beckinsale. I’ve used her image as an inspiration for my woman bounty hunter in my Sweet Justice series.

      Good choices.

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