Postscript on Thrillerfest

Thrillerfest manages to keep getting better, year after year. I did the whole shebang this year–the FBI workshop, MasterCraft,

John Sandford before his talk at Craftfest

CraftFest, and the conference. It was a treat participating in the inaugural session of MasterCraft. My group worked with the fabulous D.P. Lyle, who facilitated an intensive critique of the attendees’ first ten pages.

Panel: Writers’ quirks and superstitions

On Saturday I took part in a panel hosted by Brad Parks. Our topic was writers’ quirks and superstitions. We had fun with the theme, and even got a bit rowdy at times. (I seem to be preparing to make a snarky riposte in the photo!)

A little later, I was interviewed by Jessica Mazo for MartiniProductionsNYC for their Author’s Chair sequence.

Now I’m back, and already looking forward to Bouchercon, which will be in my neck of the woods this year. Will you be attending Bouchercon? And who did I miss seeing at Thrillerfest? I couldn’t reset my west coast bio-clock and consequently faded early, so I didn’t hang out at the bar gatherings as much as usual this year!

The hypnagogic Hyatt lobby face

15 thoughts on “Postscript on Thrillerfest

  1. The bar is THE THING, Kathryn. I’ve got Romance Writers of America con this week. It’s in San Antonio where I live. Gearing up for the fun. Already have every meal & drinkie poo lined up. Thanks for sharing your Tfest photos. ITW is always a good conference.

  2. Kathryn, I am Brad’s official Canadian stalker. Love his books. Did he sing? He tends to break out in song whenever the urge hits him. Fortunately he has a good voice.

    Next year I’ll be there,and Boucheron.

  3. I’m not ready for those big time conferences! πŸ˜€

    I’ll be hanging out in Orlando in October. The Florida Writers Association is hosting their annual conference as always. Still a newbie, I’ve not found my niche just yet. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, Kathryn. Sleuthfest is in February-March of 2015. FWA is another association.
    I’ll be at Bouchercon, and I agree — the bar is the key to success. It’s how I landed my Dead-End Job series. I sipped a club soda tricked out to look like a fiercer drink, and discussed the Civil War with a Bcon editor for an hour before she popped the question, “So, what are you working on now?”

  5. Glad you got a lot out of Thrillerfest, Kathryn! I attended Craftfest and T’fest for the past 4 years in a row, but couldn’t make it this year, due to my move to the West Coast and other commitments.

    Brad Parks hosted a panel I was on last year at Thrillerfest, and he was a well-prepared, charming, witty facilitator. Lots of fun!

    I’m presenting two workshops at Calgary’s writing conference in August, When Words Collide, and I’ll also be attending Bouchercon. Hope to see you there!

  6. I keep hearing the best things about Thrillerfest. I’ve got to go the next one. I will be at Bouchercon, I’m so looking forward to it. Even though I live in LA I’ve gotten a hotel room so I can hang out late at the bar – maybe I’ll see you there! And by “there” I mean Bouchercon and the bar.

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