London Calling

by Clare Langley-Hawthorne

I’m on vacation this week in my favourite city – London. It’s a place I love to visit and also a great place to get some research done:) 

I will have only sporadic Internet access but will report back when I return. 

In the meantime, I’d love it if you’d share the ‘dream’ city you want to visit to do research for your current (or future) WIP. Mine is St. Petersburg – one day I hope to visit and maybe even ride the Trans-Siberian railway…hey, a girl can dream!

11 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Well, Rome tops my list. Anyone want to contribute to that fund? And London is not cheap, either. I’d love to walk through ruins in Crete (my spiritual home). Later this year I am flying to Charleston, SC, and then to Long Beach and L.A. for Buchercon in November.

    I’m already in panic mode about the flying. I need a private plane. Any ideas there? We could plane-pool somewhere.

  2. Clare–I’ve been to St. Petersburg–keep it on your list. I’ve also ridden on the Trans-Siberian railroad. Unless you like the idea of looking at hundreds and hundreds of miles of pine trees walling in both sides of the track, that one you can replace with something else. That also goes for whatever now serves as Russia’s airline. Back in the day, it was something called Aeroflot. Get this: the huge Aeroflot prop jets had huge restrooms. The country was so (fill in the blank) that these restrooms came with five-foot high urinals, the kind you still find in aging office buildings or movie theaters.

  3. Like Jimmy Biffett I’ve been doin’ some “Havana Daydreamin’ “… for a future work that’s percolating, bit not quite boiling at the moment…

  4. There are so many cities that I would enjoy visiting around the world.
    That said… wouldn’t it be great to have a writer’s workshop aboard the Trans-Siberian Rail lines?

  5. For my current series of shorts/novellas, it would have to be the more northern Norwegian cities like Trondheim as already been where to my other settings… well the countries – India, USA, Spain.

  6. I’m planning to visit Isfahan, Iran for firsthand research for the second draft of my WIP. I’ve had so much fun writing and researching the Iranian scenes and chapters, and love how I decided to resettle some of the characters in Iran after fleeing the Great Terror in 1937. It’s such a beautiful country, and believe it or not, quite safe and possible for Westerners to visit.

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