The Thrill Is On

Robert Benchley, the famous wit and charter member of the Algonquin Round Table, attended a Broadway premiere in 1926. The play was The Squall and took place in the South Seas. But the dialogue, especially the island dialect, was abysmal. At one point during the first act a native girl ran onstage and threw herself at the feet of a man, and cried, “Me Nubi. Nubi good girl. Me stay.”
Benchley could take no more. He stood up and said aloud, “Me Bobby. Bobby bad boy. Me go.” And he left the theater.
Which brings me to the thriller. What is the secret? It’s writing something that gets the exact opposite reaction as Mr. Benchley’s. It is a full-on, grab-you-by-the-shirt experience that doesn’t let up until the end.
Not an easy thing to do. Not always an easy thing to find.
But what if you could find 8 of them? In one place? For less than a buck?
It’s my great pleasure to announce this astounding deal for thriller fans. Thrill Ride: 8 Pulse-Pounding Novels is a “boxed set” of reading pleasure from tested veterans of the thrill.
And yes, for only 99¢ you get the following full-length thrillers:
Blind Justice  by James Scott Bell
Sidetracked by Brandilyn Collins
Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson
The Blade by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore
The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison
The Killing Rain by P.J. Parrish
Desecration by J. F. Penn
The Call by Kat Covelle
New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry wrote the introduction. It begins, “There’s a maxim in this business: a thriller must thrill. The story must make the pulse quicken, the eyes widen, the fingers continually turning pages. At the end of each chapter the only thought the reader should have is ‘I need to read just a little more.’ “
That’s the kind of book you’re going to find in this collection.
Some of you may already own one or two of these titles. Well, it’s still a great deal, wouldn’t you say? And that’s the point: all of the authors here are into giving you, the reader, a great set at an amazing price.
It’s a venture in cooperative marketing. That’s what’s so amazing about the ebook boom. We can do things like this, and it’s the consumer who reaps the benefits. I’m on record as saying it’s the best time on earth to be a writer. Well, let’s add to that: it’s the best time on earth to be a reader, too.
About the authors:
Joe, P.J. and I camp out right here on TKZ. Lynn, of course, is Joe’s partner in thrills.
Boyd and Kat (pen name of Kathleen Pickering) are TKZ alums.

J. F. Penn is one of indie publishing’s mega-stars.
Brandilyn and Randy are good friends of mine, award-winning writers who have proven their thriller bona fides over and over.
And now here we all are, together, for you––the fans of thrilling fiction.
I hope you’ll pop over and buy a copy today. And let us hear from you, especially if we’ve kept you from sleeping…
Here are the links:

From all of the Thrill Ride authors, thank you for your wonderful support!

12 thoughts on “The Thrill Is On

  1. Wow! What a deal. Thanks for notifying us. I just returned from buying the book.

    When you think things around you are getting worse, a pleasant surprise pops up to brighten one’s day. I’ve been working my way through all of your fiction (currently on #4 in the kit Shannon series – and it’s definitely robbing me of sleep), but haven’t read Blind Justice yet. I had specifically planned to start reading Brandilyn’s, Joe and Lynn’s, PJ’s, and Penn’s books. Now they’re all in one book at an unbelievable price. Thanks!

    What a great way to get readers off their duffs and introduced to authors they’ve not yet read.

    Now I just need to stay up later and finish the Kit Shannon series, so I can get started.

    Thanks, Jim.

  2. Ditto what Joe said. This is, to my mind, a great way to find new readers. Hope you guys like the books! Going to order my own now.

  3. Done! An embarrassment of riches for pennies! Who would have dreamed that life would be so good?

    In the 1960s, I used to save up my pennies for Ace Doubles, which were priced at forty cents or so for two books. This deal tops that one, a half-century ago. Thank you, one and all!

  4. This is so exciting! I just bought my copy and am off to promote this on social media! Got my sister here for a visit but will squeeze it in. Way to go, Jim, for organizing this and the rest of you great thriller writers for jumping on board! Can’t wait to read these thrillers!

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