‘Twas Two Weeks ‘fore Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, but potential Christmas gifts are appearing on the shelves already. The one that most immediately comes to mind is a library-bound, digest-sized book entitled JACK REACHER’S RULES, which provides handy suggestions should you decide so far off the grid that you have to have sunlight shipped in, or want to set a building on fire; it’s great stuff, and just in time for the holidays for that Lee Child fan on your list who thinks they have everything.  I have made a good dent in my shopping already; of course, I want nothing for myself. I believe that I have commented elsewhere that at my somewhat advanced age I am no longer interested in acquiring more possessions; rather, I seek new experiences. Alas, those that I have suggested to my spouse have been, shall we say, shot down. I will leave it to your imagination what they might be, and why they won’t happen.
So, I am asking you, since Christmas is coming…what, as far as books are concerned, are going to be looking to find under the tree in about five or six weeks or so? What do you want Santamazon to leave for you? It can be anything from the grandiose — an entire library in the basement — to the simple — a new writing journal — to something that is somewhere in between, like that slip-cased copy of MY PRETTY PONY by Stephen King that you could have picked up in a bookstore twenty-three years ago for a song and dance. What about a new tablet, the better to read DC e-comics on? Or what if Santa finishes that new novel you’ve been working on, the one that seems to be missing a hundred pages or so in the middle? What would you like?

11 thoughts on “‘Twas Two Weeks ‘fore Thanksgiving…

  1. Well, I’m getting my Christmas present to myself on 11/17/2012. I’m checking off a bucket list item and going to see Bruce Springsteen in Kansas City.

    I really want to go to Thrillerfest next year so I am making it easy for the giftgivers on my list, a contribution to my TF fund (and if any TKZ fans are in need of a roommate . . . )

    Books I treat myself to all year round.


  2. I’m with you, Joe, about not wanting more posessions. I’m more into family gatherings & being together, making memories. One year we exchanged gag gifts and had so much fun, but that only happened once when we had a smaller group. A few in my fam-damily must have tradition, their way.

    I also agree with Terri in that books are gifts/experiences that I buy for myself year round. The lovely JT Ellison sent me her latest EDGE OF BLACK & I loved it. Love her writing & I now have a “thing” for her character Xander.

    We’ve started our Christmas shopping & know what we’ll be buying. But you’ve given me food for thought about other notions to celebrate the holiday. I love the idea of giving “experiences.”

    And Terri, have a great time at the concert in Kansas City.

  3. Like you, I’m at the…ahem… age where more stuff just means more to dust and more to find storage space for. I want a beach-side vacation but Santa already laughed at me and said, “You chose to leave your job for writing, remember?” Snow it is. I’ll take having the college son home for a few weeks and being with family–the perfect gift.

  4. I already have such a stack of to-reads on my nightstand, plus a directory full of promising books on my ereader, that this year I’m only asking Santa for TIME. What I wouldn’t give for one extra hour a day to kick back and enjoy some guilt-free reading…

  5. A few years back, we started the practice of giving a donation to a worthy charity in honor of the folks on our list who might otherwise get candy, fruit, or a singing trout for their den wall. It’s been well-received, and we’ve even convinced our children to do the same for us.

    By the way, I was thrilled to see the info about Jack Reacher’s Rules–until I read the comments on Amazon. Have to think about that one. However, a few years back, my kids managed to find a signed copy of the late Robert B Parker’s book, Parker on Writing. Priceless gift.

  6. Santa could bring me readership for my first two novels. That would be much appreciated. And a clearer head so I could plot faster.

    Richard, like you, I started making donations to charity as my Christmas gift to others, and I ask my friends to do the same for me. It feels like a better way to celebrate the holiday.


  7. All I want is enough time to read all the books on my TBR list, preferably someplace warm and sunny with a margarita nearby.

  8. That’s an interesting and varied list, my friends. Julie, I agree. Time with loved ones is the best gift. If you figure out how to get that extra hour, A.J., please let me know. And Richard…that’s a great idea, one that my family has practiced in one form or another for several years. Also, after reading your comment about the Amazon reviews of JACK REACHER’S RULES,I read them myself. Ouch!

    K.S., hopefully Santa will bring those readers to your doorstep, and your words to theirs. And catfriend, keep the margaritas nearby, by far from the felines. They just love the taste!

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  9. I always buy books as baby gifts and Christmas gifts for any children and teens in the family. A child can never have too many books! I try to buy one level up from what they are now reading. I always took my son to Barnes and Noble to do his Christmas shopping–and have been rewarded with many books through the years now that he’s grown.

  10. Y’know, FL, I did that with my older daughter for occasions like birthdays, holidays, good report cards, and on a couple of occasions because it was a day that ended in ‘y’. Now we can just get on Amazon, which is great, but there’s something lost as well…the important thing, however, is that such a gift practice encourages reading. May the tradition, however changed, continue.

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