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  1. If I could be instantly skilled at something it would be: bluegrass banjo picker, visual artist (drawing/painting); maker of leather products; physical therapist; naturalpathic doctor. For starters. 😎

    • Yes. I was thinking as I read today’s question–I wouldn’t want to automatically be skilled in writing because the journey is the whole thing. But it would be nice to be instantly skilled in all the business side/marketing stuff.

  2. My MC has eidetic memory. She has memorized the “word of the day’” calendar. The reason I gave her this super power was tongue in cheek – one of the reviews of an earlier novel said “the author uses too many words I didn’t know.” So in the MS, my main character also recites the meaning of the word. Just my way of giving back lol

  3. Does the main character in your WIP have a particular skill?

    Yes, many. And she keeps learning new skills in every novel.

    If you could instantly become skilled at something, what would it be?

    Gotta agree with Debbie. Marketing.

  4. Along with research, my librarian-heroine Meg Booker’s skills also include lock picking and roller skating.

    Less a skill than an innate talent, but I’d love to have an eidetic memory.

  5. My protag is skilled at tactics, using weapons, and knowing which muscles to use when doing physical feats.

    I’d love to sing too.

  6. My MC is an accomplished pilot. She once rescued a hostage by dropping a can of red paint from her plane onto a moving car.

    Piano. I’d love to be able to play Rhapsody in Blue.

      • The photo inspired me. Gershwin was so enormously talented, and Rhapsody in Blue is such a uniquely American piece. I understand Gershwin partially improvised the piano solo at the original performance and didn’t write it down until afterward.

        I may change my desired skill to “composing music” rather than “playing the piano.” May as well shoot for the moon.

  7. Yes, the main character in my unpublished bibliomystery is a bookbinder who also works in a huge used-book store. (I am a part-time bookbinder and bookstore employee.) The books I repair and rebind have been well-used and well-loved by their owners–Study Bibles, for example, with 20 years of notes in the margins. As for “instant” skills–I’ve often thought that lock-picking would be useful.

  8. My MC, Annie, is great at following her own rules for living. Until they don’t work anymore and plunge her into a fenceless abyss of fear.

    Hmm . . . what skill would I like to have?


    Or not . . . could be scary.

  9. Late to the party. Ah, well:

    ⓆDoes the MC in your WIP have a particular skill?
    ⒶLuce Bentham, 37, is the daughter of a long-dead local sheriff and is also a descendant of “Mad Monty” Bentham, sheriff in the 1800s. Her main skill is teaching youngsters and the illiterate deputy who has just replaced the recently shot sheriff. The city council want her to take the position, but she has refused. She has two other skills: 1. telling when kids are lying, and 2. a skill that won’t be revealed until she finds out who killed both of those lawmen.

    ⓆWhat would you want to instantly become skilled at?
    ⒶI’ve written a couple of songs and would like to do others. We still have a Sohmer piano, so if my hands were up to the stresses of playing it, that would be good. I’d like to know a language or two, maybe German or Chinese. But mostly I’d like to know more psychology, the greatest science.

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