48 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Food No-Nos

  1. Hmm…prohibitions vs things I don’t like? Prohibitions say things like keeping Kosher to me. I never knew there was something wrong with black olives on pizza. I’m pretty much an “I’ll eat just about anything” kind of person.

    • “Orange and chocolate? NO!” This recalls a family memory. My wonderful father got stuck eating all the icky chocolate from the chocolate assortment box around the holidays.

      We kids would selfishly go for the chocolate/carmel etc. But if we bit into one of the ones that had something like the above mentioned nasty orange flavor, we’d hand it over and say “Here, Dad. You can have this one.”

      Thinking back on it now, I’m sure he was thinking “Gee, thanks a lot.” LOL!

  2. Food Prohibitions:
    Peanut butter and mayo – hubby insists this is a culinary treat
    Mayo on hot dogs – Hard no.
    Catsup on hot dogs – yes!

  3. Your Mileage May Vary absolutely applies to culinary preferences ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pepperoni and black olives on my pizza, please. To be fair, Iโ€™m like Terry in that Iโ€™ll eat nearly anything, with a few rare exceptions. Since Iโ€™m not a coffee drinker, no Tiramisu for me. I love oats, oatmeal etc yet weirdly, have never been able to stomach Cheerios cereal. And no anchovies on my pizzas.

  4. Olives go with anything. Anchovies go with nothing.

    My husband says ketchup (or is it catsup?) goes with anything. I disagree, but I still like him.

    One food no-no for me is that anything from the animal, fish, or bird kingdom that was alive and is now on my plate must be thoroughly cooked. None of that raw fish, under-cooked, juicy red beef, or things with wings under glass for me.

    That is all . . .

  5. Like Terry, I’ll eat anything (once, and it has to be halal).

    This does remind me of the last scene in Beezus and Ramona (the book). Ramona gets into a lot of trouble for putting jelly on her mashed potatos. I could never understand why, but that didn’t stop me from loving the conflict.

  6. No-nos:
    Spicy breakfasts
    Fruit or whipped cream on waffles
    Marshmallows on anything
    Pineapple on pizza (It will be a crime when I’m elected king)
    Oatmeal or any other food that prints as pre-chewed and make me gag
    Pudding (see above)
    Sweet potato casserole (see marshmallow)
    Super-runny anything (eggs, cheeses)
    Organ meats

    Pickled anything (within reason)
    Smoked meats/fish
    Anything Thai
    Most things Chinese
    Most sushi

  7. Traditional North Carolina hot dogs have chili so the ketchup is there. For anyone wondering, Carolina dogs have mustard, onions, slaw, and chili.

    The older you get, the fewer things you can eat. For the younger folks here, don’t be so picky for, tomorrow, your acid reflux won’t allow pizza, let alone black olives.

  8. I hate olives. When I lived in the Middle East for three years, olives were in everything. The thought of them, NOW, makes my stomach turn.

    If I saw olives on a pizza I might dump over the head of the person who tried to bring it to me.

  9. Didn’t Nixon popularize catsup on eggs?

    Some words on pizza. I have been a pizza dude for 35 years. Olives are very popular. Black olives are a mainstay in the world of vegetarian pizzas. Olives in the US are also regional. My friend from Minnesota loves green olives on his pizza. Very few places in St. Louis carry green olives. He does not care for black olives.

    Pineapple. I enjoy a good ham and pineapple pizza. Called a Hawiian although it originated in Canada over 40 years ago. I was eating them decades before some yahoo in Greenland started the hate pineapple movement.

    About the only thing I don’t eat is coffee anything. You can keep your mocha, thank you.

  10. I’m just a little late to this hate party, but I felt a massive compulsion to chime in:

    Thoughts about food taboos

    Olives are one of those peculiar additions where less is more. Olive Garden olives in salads are compulsory, obviously, unless you eat with someone who thinks you like them and puts them on your plate, making an overload of something that tastes best when used sparingly. On pizza, they can be tasty unless they are overwhelming some other lovely ingredient.

    Hawaiian pizza with pineapple is not the worst thing in the world. Cheap, slick, very tough pepperoni is or flavorless cheese.

    Eggs go well with ketchup, but salsa is a better option.

    Worst sin committed by someone I thought loved me: ketchup on spaghetti because they forgot to buy the jar of Bolognese, dumped on unceremoniously and with arrogance about why itโ€™s all the same.

  11. I love catsup and salsa on almost everything. I love catsup on eggs, hashbrowns, and hot dogs. I love Hawaiian pizza with extra sauce. No olives on pizza or anything else. No beets ever. That’s about it.

  12. Obviously, pregnancy can get you off the hook for any assaults on cuisine. My 35-y-o just told me yesterday that she still loves anything lemon. I ate several bakeries’ annual yield of lemon tarts (in France, so there’s that) for the time she was in utero. Surprise! No surprise!

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