What Day Is It Again?

By John Gilstrap

As I woke up this morning, and my wife and I were planning the events of the day, I told her that I needed a couple of hours to write my Killzone Blog post.

“I thought they went up on Wednesdays,” she said.

“That’s right.”

“Today is Wednesday.”

“No, it’s not. Today is Tuesday.”


“Crap. It’s Wednesday.”

Normally, I’m not an in-my-jammies kind of worker. While my office is just down the hall, it’s still my office, and if I’m at my desk, I’m dressed for the day. Except this morning. As I write this, the clock on the wall tells me that it’s 8:35 a.m. That tells me that I’ve already missed the eyes of commuting readers. And I’m bearing the burden of Reavis Wortham’s post from a few days ago, where he talks about the moral betrayal that is the missing of a deadline.

I choose to blame Thanksgiving. That Thursday holiday makes the days that follow all feel like Saturday or Sunday. Throw in the fact that we’ve been decorating the new abode for Christmas and I haven’t been near a calendar, and here we are. I’m writing, but let’s be honest. I’m not saying very much. Bottom line: I dropped the ball.

Just wait till next time, though. Maybe I’ll be brilliant.

Here are the discussion questions, now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and Christmas is fast approaching:

  1. Does your favorite whipped cream come out of an aerosol can or a tub?
  2. Do you agree that a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner must include jellied cranberry sauce?
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About John Gilstrap

John Gilstrap is the New York Times bestselling author of Lethal Game, Blue Fire, Stealth Attack, Crimson Phoenix, Hellfire, Total Mayhem, Scorpion Strike, Final Target, Friendly Fire, Nick of Time, Against All Enemies, End Game, Soft Targets, High Treason, Damage Control, Threat Warning, Hostage Zero, No Mercy, Nathan’s Run, At All Costs, Even Steven, Scott Free and Six Minutes to Freedom. Four of his books have been purchased or optioned for the Big Screen. In addition, John has written four screenplays for Hollywood, adapting the works of Nelson DeMille, Norman McLean and Thomas Harris. A frequent speaker at literary events, John also teaches seminars on suspense writing techniques at a wide variety of venues, from local libraries to The Smithsonian Institution. Outside of his writing life, John is a renowned safety expert with extensive knowledge of explosives, weapons systems, hazardous materials, and fire behavior. John lives in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

23 thoughts on “What Day Is It Again?

  1. No worries, John. Briefly, I thought it was Friday and that I was going to be reading the Reader Friday post (I blame it on yesterday’s anesthesia). LOL!

    To the questions:
    1. Definitely whipped cream in a tub (the spray can kind is kind of weird to me)
    2. No cranberry anything.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up. Being human isn’t a sin. 😊 Besides, I’m usually late to the party, so this is nice.

    1. Tub, the extra creamy kind
    2. Have never liked jellied cranberry sauce, but I do like Craisins and a fresh cranberry salad with apples and nuts.

    I hope the rest of your day goes as planned.

  3. No problem, John. FWIW, I also wish it were Tuesday, so I could have a do-over on yesterday’s internet follies here.

    1. Whipped cream in a tub is my preference, but I’ll take the spray kind if that’s what’s available.

    2. For me, yes, a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner includes cranberry sauce. I’ll take jellied if that’s what’s available, but prefer whole cranberry sauce.

  4. My favorite whipped cream comes in a carton marked Whipping Cream. It then either goes into a nitrous oxide powered dispenser or a bowl on a mixer, depending on the application.

    I can go either way on cranberry sauce. My real cranberry sauce question is quantity. I need about two teaspoons per plate. The 8 people at this year’s table needed about 4 oz. (it was not the canned). A typical recipe makes about 55 gallons, a can feeds 200.

  5. Good morning, John. Glad to hear you are healthy, and not recuperating from some monstrous holiday flu.

    1. Whipped cream in a tub – Dream Whip
    2. Yes, Thanksgiving dinner must include jelled cranberry sauce. Only problem, my grandson would eat the entire can if we let him.

    Thanks for the post. We eagerly await that next “brilliant” post. Have fun decorating.

  6. So glad to hear you’re human, John!

    1. Like Alan, I prefer to buy whipping cream and whip it myself.
    2. I like cranberry sauce in any form. I’m already looking forward to Christmas dinner.

    Have a nice Wednesday.

    • See, here’s the thing with whipping one’s own whipped cream: another big tool on the counter, and another thing to clean as you go. The end result is, of course, marvelous, to to my palate, the slight edge in quality does not justify the extra work.

  7. I panicked when there was no Gilstrap post, thinking I’d missed MY day. My favorite whipped cream would be the stuff I whip from the carton of whipping cream, but it’s a rare event. Usually, it’s out of an aerosol can (which provides the fun of squirting it on others at dessert time, a family “tradition.)
    One of my daughters insists on the jellied cranberry sauce, so she’s required to provide it. She’s in NC working on a “why not? PhD” so she wasn’t at the table this year. I made 2 kinds of cranberry sauce instead.

  8. Better late than never, huh? Ain’t that what the last minute’s for anyway?

    To your questions:
    1. From the mixer… my bride makes a killer (especially given my Type II), truly whipped cream – though the aerosol version has little sugar and is an awesome “remove cap, turn up, open mouth, fire at will” quick fix between meals (or desserts)…

    2. Cranberry jelly/salad – as opposed to the canned stuff… though my daughter-in-law claims to have a form with ribs that looks strangely like a can…

  9. 1. Real whipped cream made with a mixer. A little vanilla added.

    2. Mrs B makes an absolutely killer cranberry sauce. There is no way I would consider it Thanksgiving dinner without it. For three days I devoured turkey leftovers covered with this ambrosia.

  10. To be clear, I love me some fresh cranberry relish. I make mine with orange rind and fresh cranberries. But the jellied stuff is a requirement. In a perfect world, you get is to slough out of the can with the ribs showing. While cooking, it’s not uncommon to have a second can opened near the stove with a spoon sticking out of the top. It’ll be next to the little bowl of French’s onion rings that never made it to the green bean casserole.

  11. I’m a canned cranberry sauce (jelly!) fan. Blame it on early conditioning. But I like a good cranberry/orange relish too and usually nab a bit of my wife’s. She finds canned cranberry sauce totally wrong.

    Freshly prepared whipped cream is of course sui generis, but I get by with Trader Joe’s aerosol version.

    We eat turkey year round (we just buy the thighs), so I get lots of cranberry sauce. Besides pumpkin pie (which my wife doesn’t like), the whipped cream goes on key lime pie and TJ’s cranberry pie.

  12. Aerosol can or tub?

    Either will suffice. This year, our resident son/chef bought vanilla ice cream, instead. No pumpkin pie was available, so we had ice cream over warm TJ apple pie.

    Must include jellied cranberry sauce?

    Yes. For many years, my mother made her own cranberry sauce, with the aid of cheese cloth and many tall glasses sealed with paraffin wax. She used to give a glass or two to each of our friends or anyone who dropped in around the holidays. As near as I can recall, this custom ceased with my father’s death in 1956, by which time canned cranberry sauce was a commodity at Von’s Grocery. Our consumption is measured in ounces per plate, not teaspoons.

  13. One of the few advantages of having a solo blog is I can happily mine the old articles when I need to. I also try to have a few fresh articles in my “To Be Used” file.

    A slang term for cranberry in a can is “space goo.” My family has a traditional cranberry salad that involves fresh ingredients and black cherry Jello as well as a cranberry and horseradish relish, but one of the in-laws used to insist on space goo so it was plopped on a plate to be ignored by everyone else.

  14. Whipped cream and cranberry sauce from scratch – but I get the ingredients from the store not a cow or a bog.

  15. Any kind of cranberry sauce will do for me and I prefer Coolwhip…Although I do occasionally make it in my handy-dandy Pampered Chef whipped cream gadget.

    You didn’t ask, but I never bake a turkey…the last time I did, I gave most of it to the neighborhood cats.

  16. Haha, John! Now I have an indestructible vision of you in your jammies . . .

    To answer your two questions: no and no.

    Whipped cream should come out of a carton with Heavy Cream on the side of it, then it should be poured into my whipping cream bowl and beat to death with a little vanilla and sugar added.

    No jellied cranberry sauce. Ever.

    Looking forward to your next brilliant post.


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