29 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Gratitude

  1. It’s tough to pick just one, but…my descendents.

    Have a great weekend, Jim.

  2. I have been blessed with many things to be grateful for. This morning I am grateful for TKZ community, where I start each morning, and where I continue to learn from all of you. Thanks!

  3. I can think of many but to keep it short: being free and living in a beautiful geographic place that I love.

  4. It’s tough to pick one thing, since I’m grateful for so many, but the thing I’m most grateful for is my incredible wife, LeAnn. We will be married forty years next February. We share so many interests, and we encourage and support each other in our creative endeavors. She’s first reader and is steadfast in all things.

  5. I’m grateful for so many things. A loving family, good friends, inside animals, outside animals — did I mention animals? 😉 — the ability to write, read, learn, speak, see, hear, touch, smell. I’m grateful for music and dancing and the bellows of laughter coiling through my home. I could go on and on, but I’m crawling back into my writer’s cave.

    Have a joyous day, everyone!

  6. Timely, it’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada this weekend.

    I’m thankful for the all the information that I have been able find related to writing, and this blog that props up those valuable ideas.

  7. Great question.

    I’m grateful I have more miles behind me on this planet than I have in front of me. It’s almost time to hit the road…


  8. Gratitude is one of my favorite topics. Thank you for posting about it. (That’s not my entry. 🙂 )

    I am thankful for this life God has graciously bestowed on me.

    “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” — Aesop

  9. I’m grateful for this journey, the good and bad, the happiness and the sorrow, all the scenes that have made up my life.

  10. Short term. I am in the process of moving from one Mac to another, and I am grateful that I am not howling or banging my head against the wall in frustration and rage despite my desire to do so. I am typing this on my old Mac while my new one keeps finding updates to do although I spent almost 8 hours updating the dang thing yesterday. Sigh. Mac Pro TIP: Don’t put your keychain exclusively on your iCloud account.

    Long term. Everything in my life from my health to my family. I am one lucky human.

  11. The past almost 20 months now have been hard. One child had COVID. We are waiting on test results for the other this week after half of her co-workers tested positive. There are days the numbers are crippling and days when the news is uplifting. I hang in there. I am thankful for the medical professionals who fight hard every day. For the spokespeople who are trying to save lives. For all the people who have and are doing ‘just a little more’ to help out.

  12. I am immensely grateful to James Scott Bell for his suggestion to use text to speech on my laptop computer as a means of reading aloud my manuscripts. Using text to speech has been an enormous help in editing my fiction writing. I even read aloud my manuscripts with my own voice sometimes. I got over the fear of reading aloud from the Fitzgerald character Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby. But if it wasn’t for James I would never have tried even using text to speech to begin with. Thank you so much dear James!

  13. I’m grateful that I’ve finally overcome my years long search for what I’m supposed to write — novellas.

    • Novellas are greatly neglected. Some wonderful works have only enough story for a novella. It’s usually a mistake to try to inflate it like a soufflé and call it a novel

      Publishers should release more novellas. It’s hard to find an agent for them, though. The Uncommon Reader is a great novella and did quite well. Maybe I could SP a pair of related novellas bound as a single volume . . .

  14. I’m grateful that I have enough to live on for now, that my mother’s eye surgery went well, that I’ll be able to join my family members for Thanksgiving supper this weekend, unlike last year. I’m thankful to be fully vaccinated – including the flu vaccine – and that I’m relatively safe from the current wave of illness.

    I’m also thankful for all the interesting and useful information I read here on this blog. Thanks!

  15. I’m grateful for the superb critique you gave on my comedic noir piece. I was oblivious to my tic of ‘gilding lilies.’
    Much appreciated.
    No more gold dust sprinkles.

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