Reader Friday: Favorite Time of Year

As many of you know, I live in northern New Hampshire, where trees burst with color in the fall. It’s impossible to be down, upset, or melancholy when you’re surrounded by such beauty.

I’ve lived in New England my entire life, and the foliage never gets old. Nature is magnificent, is it not? And oh, so, inspiring. For this reason (plus I’m a Libra ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), fall is my favorite time of year.

What’s your favorite time of year? It could be a month, a season, or even a special week. Just be sure to tell us why.

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38 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Favorite Time of Year

  1. I live in central Vermont and I’m right with you on the foliage. But for me, the greatest time of the year is Spring with the anticipation of new growing things, blossoms that change daily, and the hope for a great tomato harvest in a few months.

    • Hello, neighbor! I also love the spring, Joe. Unless we get months of rain like we do some years. The flowers benefits, but it’s not fun for us.

  2. I love fall here in the mountains, but we were sorely cheated this year. An early snowstorm and sub-zero temps turned everything brown, and then the wind stripped what leaves remained on the trees.

    • Oh, no! Hate when that happens, Terry. We’ve been lucky so far (except losing power twice from heavy winds). I’ve always wanted to see Colorado. Beautiful country there.

  3. Fall. No question. I grew up in western NY where the colors rival those of New England. But what I love mist about fall is the crispness of the air, apple cider, and Thanksgiving. Iโ€™ve been in Missouri (near St Louis) since 1993. The foliage is generally light yellow and faint scarlet. Sigh. Crisp air? Whatโ€™s that. But we do have some fantastic apple cider. And Thanksgiving. Life, in my mind is about family and no other holiday celebrates family quite like Thanksgiving.

  4. I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite day of the year. I love all the seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, but New Year’s Day is the best day for me. The old year, with its successes and failures is gone. I learned (hopefully!) from my mistakes and missteps, and celebrated with joy the times I got it right, said it right, did it right.

    But now there are 364 days ahead of me, stretched out like an endless sandy beach, or a twisty mountain trail whose end I can’t quite see-maybe shrouded in fog or mist in places, with patches of sunlight drifting down to light my way.

    Who knows what could happen?

  5. Here in L.A., the freeways are lovely this time of year. Cars of so many colors! And the deep red of taillights goes perfectly with the melodious sound of horns. Drivers get into the spirit of things by waving to each other, albeit with only one finger. The lucky commuter may catch the beautiful flashing blue and red lights on a Highway Patrol vehicle tending to a crash. Generosity is pouring out of you by the time you reach downtown; so much so you can’t wait to give $30 to a perfect stranger running a parking lot. Come visit!

  6. Love all the seasons, but traditional fall season is my favorite–it’s a break from the super high heat of desert summers, but before the super cold of winters (yes, I know most people don’t think it’s cold in Phoenix by their standards, but trust me, after you’ve had your blood thinned, anything below 70 is cold!). I have generally stated that October is my favorite month of the year and in many ways it still is, but has been marred by the deaths of 2 family members in recent years.

    And I say ‘traditional’ fall season meaning what people tend to think of–September/October/November, but here in Central Arizona, falls comes later–around January before the leaves change. Oh, not to the degree of New England or even northern Arizona, but we still have fall leaves. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, BK. Maybe one day you’ll find October blissful again. {{{{hugs}}}}

      I never knew that about Arizona. Very cool!

  7. In graduate school, I took a course on Victorian esthetics. One major point I’ve remembered all these years is the difference between what is beautiful and what is sublime. The sublime is beautiful, but it has a touch of death and melancholy. So, sublime fall for me instead of beautiful spring.

  8. I remember our first fall in New York, riding horseback with my friends and admiring all the fall colors. Truly beautiful.

    I’m a beach girl so summer is my favorite – long lazy beach days with long, lazy books in the hammock or by the water. Sailing. Watching the clouds go by. Not missing all the obligations that clutter up the rest of the year.

  9. I’m with BK in loving all seasons. And here is Cleveland we get four seasons–sometimes randomly mixed–70 one day and 30 the next.

    The pessimist says we have but one season, cloudy. But I argue the overcast is just there to highlight the gorgeous days, like today. 35 degrees and bright sun poking through scattered clouds left over from last night’s light snow.

    Leaf color is an iffy thing, given the varied impact of climate change. JSB is more fortunate, as the car colors in the city of angels–an one needs more angels in LA than in most places–don’t even change, even from rust.

  10. Spring may be my favorite season. I live in St. Louis where it is perfectly normal to clean frost off of your car, toss your jacket in the car because it is in the 50s and it will be in the 80s at dinner.

    Spring can only be a few days long herem but the new grass, it isn’t 90 yet and the birds have returned remind me of all that is right in the world.

  11. A close second would be when the snow first falls. Everything gets quiet and looks like a Currier and Ives version of the suburbs. A white blanket hides everything. Mailboxes make odd lumps. It is beautiful.

  12. When we lived in Wisconsin, spring was my favorite season. The snowy doldrums were history, and the earth came alive in a short, but exciting, growing season.

    Now that we live in Tennessee, my preference is reversed. Autumn is my favorite here. The hot and sticky summer is gone, and we delight in cool, dry days looking forward to a moderate winter with only a snowflake or two. We still have our Wisconsin snow shovel, however. You never know.

  13. Sue, I do love fall, and in general, I love sweater weather. However, one thing I love about Maryland is that there are four distinct seasons of the year. With every change of season, I’m reminded of the passage of time. It’s also a reminder to be grateful. My mother died last March, and my father died the July before that. It hasn’t been easy losing both parents within eight months of each other. I know that you understand about the loss of parents. Time marches on. Now, as I prepare to sell my parents’ home that has so many wonderful memories, I’m reminded of how my mother decorated it for each season. Ah, fall is a wonderful season for reflection.

  14. Summer. I freaking hate the cold. I hate wet, windy, rain, and, most especially snow and ice. Yet I live in Seattle. Sigh. But at least here summers are nice. We don’t experience the oppressive humidity and daily electrical storms that plague other parts of the country.

    Yeah, I’ll take a cocktail or wine on the deck when it’s 80, thank you very much.

  15. I, too, live in the desert, in Sin City—Las Vegas, NV. Here we have two seasons, hot and not as hot. The good thing is no snow. It snows here about once every 10-15 years. My favorite season in fall. We actually do have trees with leaves that change colors and fall to the ground. The hot, stifling air turns into a nice cool breeze and one can actually sit outside and breathe. Unfortunately, it is all too short and winter even shorter. I have always liked spring but I know that soon the season of hell is coming. The older I get the more I long for a cooler climate. If I could manage it I would move but I’m not able to at this time.

    • Ugh. I can’t do brutally hot, Rebecca. I love summer and spending the day at the lake, but when the humidity rolls in, it kills me. Hot and stifling doesn’t sound fun, either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. It would be hard to pick one season. Whatever season I’m in I think is the best. Spring is beautiful here in our little canyon hillside in southern Idaho watching the trees leaf out and the flowers bloom. Summer is wonderful with moderate temps, the green of rolling lawns and trees. Add in our always faithful afternoon breeze whispering through the pines and the willows. No other sound quite matches wind in pine boughs. The smell of pine needles on a hot summer afternoon spins the clock back to all the wonderful summers spent at camping with my folks in the wilderness areas of Oregon. And Fall. Oh my. The colors of our maples, aspens, poplars, and willows, the cooler mornings. Then, I also love the snow fall, the quiet only a snow covered landscape can produce, the sense of magic, of holidays coming, and the raw beauty of snow on mountains and canyons beneath a cobalt sky. Fire in the fireplace, hot cider or cocoa, cookies, reading, playing games, snuggled in a warm house. I like them all. By the time one becomes tiresome, the next season arrives by divine, perfectly timed design.

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