Reader Friday: What’s Your Tagline?

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” — Virginia Woolf

If your writing life had a tagline, what would it be?


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About Sue Coletta

Sue Coletta is an award-winning crime writer and an active member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers. Feedspot and named her Murder Blog as “Best 100 Crime Blogs on the Net.” She also blogs at the Kill Zone (Writer's Digest "101 Best Websites for Writers") and Writers Helping Writers. Sue lives with her husband in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and writes two psychological thriller series, Mayhem Series and Grafton County Series (Tirgearr Publishing) and is the true crime/narrative nonfiction author of PRETTY EVIL NEW ENGLAND: True Stories of Violent Vixens and Murderous Matriarchs (Rowman & Littlefield Group). Sue teaches a virtual course about serial killers for EdAdvance in CT and a condensed version for her fellow Sisters In Crime. She's appeared on the Emmy award-winning true crime series, Storm of Suspicion, and three episodes of A Time to Kill on DiscoveryID (due to air in 2023). Learn more about Sue and her books at

47 thoughts on “Reader Friday: What’s Your Tagline?

  1. Great exercise in thought for a writer to help determine who s/he is.

    I recently asked a group of writers to write an essay (blog post) on “How to Write Like I Do.” I thought doing so might help them investigate and define their own process while giving other writers ideas as well.

    I’d love to see that from the various TKZ writers.

  2. The tagline for my website is:

    “Novels of Crime, Mystery, Intrigue…because anyone is capable of anything.”

    Under extreme circumstances, I believe most people can be pushed to great good and/or great evil. I’m always pushing my characters to those extremes.

  3. John Grisham brought the suspense and intrigue of the legal world to the mainstream—Tom Combs has done the same with the world of medicine.

  4. Sonas nisi a Deo.

    Unconquered except by God.

    In my writing world, the zombies and skinwalkers and dogmen and the bad guys never win.

  5. “Adventures in the Past, Present, and Future.”

    All my published books are spread across genres and subgenres: paranormal romance, reincarnation romance, science fiction romance, science fiction adventure, and contemporary and historical romantic suspense. I wanted a tagline for my website that expressed what tied all these books together, and I figured out that it was “adventure.” (Nothing makes me happier than shoving a heroine off a literal or figurative cliff and figuring out how she survives.)

    I named my writing/teaching blog “Adventures in Writing” to continue the theme.

  6. I stole mine from a wise woman: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

    I use it on my inspirational blog, my author website, and social media.

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