Your Character’s Life As A Six Word Story

Let’s play a twist on Sue’s excellent post yesterday about story descriptions: write a Six Word Story about a character from your WIP. Watch the video for some killer Six Word Story examples.


33 thoughts on “Your Character’s Life As A Six Word Story

  1. Late mother a spy, the little sister for president.

    P.S. Thanks so much for this challenge, Kathryn! I always admired the alleged Hemingway’s Baby-shoes story and thought that I would never be able to write such a short story. It was absolute fun to allow myself to try. 🙂

  2. Little girl: “Please don’t make me.”

    P.S. Great brain challenge, Kathryn. A nice companion piece to Sue’s post yesterday about book descriptions.

    • That does sound uncomfortable, to say the least! My body switcheroo would have to be a size 4, just sayin…

  3. How to look with no hands?

    (For ideas, I also write Americanized haiku using the traditional 5-7-5 Japanese morae (syllables) every day. Two thoughts–images or idea–are welded together by a kireji (cutting word) between them.)

    E.g., How do snowdrops live
    and love, because Ningen
    often cannot, see?

    Snowdrops are flowers that grow and live in the snow. They have a bell that faces down. They stay alive, go on, despite their look of sadness. Humans, on the other hand, often cannot face obtuse challenges and give in. Ningen is the Google translation of the Japanese word for human. (I also use Kiowa or Creek words.) Because is the kireji, the cutting word. So, after writing my haiku, I look at it to see both the positive and negative views of what I’ve said. In the above, I can use the metaphor as it is, or I can look at it and see how people can overcome their sadness and succeed as well as a flower that must grow in the bitter cold of the snow.

    Thank you for the six-word challenge. It is a great thing I can add to my daily routine.

  4. I would like to contribute to dis convosation, if I may.

    Some Trolls Good, Especially When Food

    (the conceptual phrase ‘is involved’ after the statement of ‘Especially When Food’ but is left out due to the limitation to only six words and to pander to the established stereo type that Trolls are considered to use inadequate vocabulary due to lack of linquistic education and generally being known to live in caves or sewers)

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