What Did That Sign Say?

Today’s post is short. I promise I’m not lazy. I’m really, truly not. This past week, I was on the road (I’m looking at you, Alabama!) and when I returned, I immediately resumed Mom’s Taxi Service for my eighteen year-old son who’s still on crutches.

When I was on the road, I couldn’t help but notice bad signage. Mostly it was hanging in bathrooms, as though it were trying to hide. And, frankly, I don’t blame it. While I’m all for the evolution of the English language, I despair. I toyed with the idea of correcting them, but I’m not an enthusiastic defacer of any printed words. Here are the three appalling signs I was able to snap without drawing too much attention.

It’s hard to know where to start.

I suppose the two ** represent the phrase “if there are no paper towels.” And that must be a majestic Hair Dryer to warrant initial caps.

This one never gets old. Fish in a barrel, folks.

It’s show and tell time!

I’ll repost the first five you all send to me at laura@laurabenedict.com.

—Thanks, Sue Coletta! I like that they finish this masterpiece off with three !!!

–From George Smith, “Trespassing during normal  hours is okay, though.”

George Smith: “Somewhere there’s a empty sign frame…”

I can’t believe how long it too me to get this one. Too funny!

George Smith: “For those approaching from the edge of the building.”

–From our own beloved Kris Montee!

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15 thoughts on “What Did That Sign Say?

  1. Hilarious, Larua. I don’t have a picture (wish I’d had the foresight!), but in a local hospital they had this sign (since removed) in the elevator:

    If elevator stops working do not become alarmed. Please push the red button marked “ALARM.”

  2. On the bright side, the bathroom shouldn’t have a waiting line. Unless there are numerous disabled, elderly, pregnant children strolling around. Happy to be of service!!! (<– for you, Laura 😉 )

  3. So signage is one of the many hats I wear during my day job, and I think my inner-writer catches these before they get out of MY office, but we have our share~

    Lemme check to see if I can post any of “ours” ~

    One I like is “Keep Door Closed At All Times” – but then how do you go through it?

  4. Our drive-up ATM at our bank has signage in Braille on the keypad. Who is that for?

    And along or highway: “Illiterate? Call 1-800-…”

    • I’ve seen the “illiterate” signs. Baffling, indeed.

      I can only guess that Braille is put on all ATMS by default since so many are walk-ups. But it does seem odd for drive-ups, for sure.

  5. Love these.
    I didn’t see it in person, but found it on line a while back. The red sign on the door says “THIS DOOR IS ALARMED”

    Underneath, there are two notes taped to the door, saying:
    “The Window is Startled” and “And the floor is somewhat taken aback.”

  6. Some of you may have seen these, but my favorite while visiting London years ago was a sign over a manhole that read, ” Be Alert.” Then below it read, ” Britain Needs More Lerts.”

    What I liked about it was that it was all the actual caution sign. It shows off the British humor to a T.

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