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Hello dear readers, the HDW (Highly Distractible Writer) for today is still thinking about today’s topic, so I’ve decided to toss my two cents into the blog.  I was wondering, what would YOU like to read about?  What is important to you as a mystery writer? What do you need to get moving on your latest WIP (work in progress)?  Thank you all for your submissions and comments.  Lynne




4 thoughts on “Any Questions??

  1. I’d love to hear a comparison by anyone who has experience with the mystery magazines: Alfred Hitchcok, Ellery Queen, Sherlock Holmes, Mystery Weekly, Black Cat, etc. What has been your experience with them, what differences have you noticed, etc. Is one more open to short stories and one more likely to print novellas? What about poetry? Does each lean towards a particular style such as cozy, historical, or crime thriller, etc. Is one more newbie friendly? Any other thoughts on them?

  2. Does someone have a simple revision checklist they follow after writing the first draft. I’ve read several books, but winder what process others go through.

  3. Revisions…. interesting. I know Jordan has mentioned that she revises as she goes, so by the end, she is done (would still like to know more about how you think and go through this). So many say write through on your first crappy draft or you will never finish. It would be interesting to know more about the variety of processes the TKZers go through. Revisions styles are probably similar to the plotters vs pantsers question. But it would be neat to know some of what the TKZers do, their reasons, and pros and cons they’ve found along the way. Sometimes it’s neat to find a new way to try or do something – for those of us still working on finding “our own way”. I’m always interested – especially on thrillers, mysteries, and the combo I call killer-thrillers do you know all of the extra details and side-rails (red herrings) before and as you go through the writing process or do all of the cool little things get put in later – as you revise. How do you decide how much spice is just right and not too much or not enough?

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