12 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Your Summer Reading List

  1. Morning. I finished Clockers by Richard Price in four days and then dug into his newest The Whites. Mostly to prepare for the hugely anticipated (by me) HBO’s The Night Of. But what I love most about his stories? His characters. Gritty. Rough street-smart. Compelling. A writer to admire for sure.

  2. Recently I read Redemption for Avery by Jordan, and it was awesome! I also read Larry’s new book, Chasing Bliss, and it was awesome, too!!!

    Highly recommend both books.

  3. I’ve been reading the massive Expanse series, a sci fi by Corey. Along with a bunch of cozy mysteries on the side. Trying to find a series that will compel me to read it all.

  4. Based on recommendations in the political thriller discussion the other week I downloaded Child 44 by Rob Tom Smith. Not really a “political” thriller in the way I expected. I’ll finish it tonight. I’ve been in an LA kind of mood lately, so I have Demolition Angel and Chasing Darkness, both by Robert Crais, queued up next. After that this week’s wacky Florida topic has me thinking it’s time for another Carl Hiaasen.

  5. Really enjoyed David Downing’s “One Man’s Flag,” about spies in India and Ireland during World War I. A different take on the Great War.

  6. Am enjoying Joe and Lynn’s thriller The Blade. After that, not sure what’s up next. Am off to visit my sister in Michigan for three months soon and she works in Horizon Books in Traverse City. Looking forward to having a great indie book store to browse in!

  7. I’m recommending ‘The Sensory Deception’ by Ransom Stephens to all my friends right now. Great read!

  8. I just finished re-reading WHAT YOU HAVE LEFT: The Turner Trilogy, by James Sallis; I’m in the middle of reading A TIME OF TORMENT by John Connolly (it gave me hours of nightmares last night; terrific book) and am looking forward to reading THE JEALOUS KIND by James Lee Burke.

  9. Gerald the Troll is Mein Bakpacken Heik, by Adolph Schicklgruber. Apparently it is the pre-quel to a book about camping the guy wrote a few years later after he changed his name to something several syllables smaller.

    Whilst the house has become extremely organized, there is a very weird vibe lately…should we be concerned?

  10. Gerald is reading Mein Bakpacken Heik….he is not the actual book itself. The ability to edit posts is always a difficulty that can lead to very weird understanding of things being understood in understandable ways.

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