Nancy J. Cohen

Dear Friends,

I regret to announce that I am leaving the Kill Zone. I’ve been blogging on this site for five years, and it’s gotten harder to think of things to say and to cover new ground. I have learned much from my illustrious comrades, and I’m grateful for the time spent in this writing community. To readers and my fellow authors, your feedback and responses have been highly gratifying and much appreciated. I wish you all the best and a Happy New Year. It’s been a blast.

Please note that you can still follow my posts at Nancy’s Notes from Florida. I’ll hope to see some of you there when I’m not popping in at the KZ to leave a comment. Blessings to you all.


35 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. I don’t know how all of you do it, coming up with a steady load of material day in and day out. But I certainly have appreciated the expertise shared at The Kill Zone.

    I wish you well in all you do and will “see you around” cyberspace! 😎

    • Thank you, BK. It’s been an enriching experience to participate in the KZ. I’ll miss everybody but hope to see you over at my personal site, and I will still pop in here to comment.

  2. It’s been a pleasure swapping Wednesdays with you, Nancy. We’ve known each other for a long time, and I respect your decision to move on. But you will be missed. Best of success and Happy Holidays. Drop by TKZ whenever you can.

      • We will miss you Nancy! Thanks for all your informative posts over the years, and for being a member of our little online family.

  3. TKZ is a special part of my day and I’ve learned and been inspired by so many of the posts. Thanks for your contribution, Nancy! I wish you all the best. You’ll be missed!
    I will check in on Nancy’s Notes ?

  4. Nancy,
    You will be missed. Thanks for so many great articles over the years. The listserve one, in particular, I still have bookmarked. Best wishes for the future!

  5. Bon voyage, Nancy! (From the K Zone at least)

    See you Saturday at the FMWA Christmas bash, at SleuthFest and around the circuit.

    • Yes, indeed. I’m also finished with my two year term as Florida Chapter MWA president, so I am looking forward to having more free time next year for writing projects.

  6. Wishing you all the best, Nancy! I know exactly how you were feeling, trying to come up with new ideas for posts every two weeks. Hope to see you and other TKZers at readers and writers conferences, and of course on Facebook! Good luck! 🙂

  7. Just to let you know that I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from your posts, Nancy. You will be missed, but I believe it’s a dynamic world and we should always make space in our lives to breathe and spread our arms wide enough to enjoy it. Have a great holiday and a fresh new year with your family!

    • Thank you, Anna. I won’t be disappearing from the Web, just giving myself time to relax and make room for new opportunities. Thanks for following us here at TKZ. Happy Holidays!

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