Calling For First Pages!

Just a housekeeping note today: We are interested in receiving more of your first page submissions for our monthly first-page critiques.

Here’s how it works: Send us the first page (400 words max) of your manuscript in an email or as a Word attachment, along with the title, to the email killzoneblog at gmail dot com. We’ll take the first 30 submissions we receive, then announce when we’re accepting submissions again. The pages will be divvied up among the Zoners for review.We’ll post the pages on recurrent Thursdays, along with a critique. Readers will be able to comment as well. Note: Critiques are done anonymously–writers’names will not be posted, and reviewers will not know who authored their assigned pages.

In years past we’ve had great fun doing this exercise! We’re looking forward to reading some of your pages!

Note: And actually, we don’t cut off the submissions at 30. It just takes us longer to get to ’em! 😉


19 thoughts on “Calling For First Pages!

  1. Because of the nature of the blog, and the previous materials critiquied, I am assuming that the focus is on mysteries. I don’t write in the genre, I don’t even write for adults – I have been working on middle school/young adult adventures – but find the blog to be a great source of both advice and, dar I say it, inspiration. I look forward to reading the new round of critiques.

  2. Thank you John! The bloggers and many readers here do write mysteries and thrillers, but we’re happy to give our two cents about other genres. And I wanted to add, if anyone has previously submitted a page that was not critiqued, please resubmit! Occasionally the admin (Yours Truly) lets something fall through the cracks!

    • It’s important to get your work out there, Wren. We all have to do it.

      Keep an open mind and know our members at TKZ try to give constructive criticism to make your start as effective as possible. No matter what happens, it’s totally up to you whether you change anything. Come on. You can do it.

  3. I hope you guys out there will screw up your courage and submit. I belong to a good critique group and it is the best kind of feedback you can get. And hey, we don’t bite….

  4. Though I am nervous, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to get feedback. I have sent in my submission. Many thanks to whomever gets to read it for making the time for this humble storyteller.

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