Reader Friday: Invent a Title!

Let’s pretend this picture is the cover art for your next book. What title would you pick for it? Create a one-sentence cut line describing your story!


35 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Invent a Title!

  1. Read It and Weep . . . Suckahs!

    A populist-based political movement is disclosed to be a hoax perpetrated by greedy, corrupt fear mongers. AKA: The Boogieman is real, Virginia.

  2. Tears for the Dead

    What happens when you seek revenge and then fall in love with your target?

  3. Noh Nun Too Far

    A Buddhist nun traveling with a troup of Noh players has to push her vows to the limit to stop the psychopath killing off their audience.

  4. Behind the Tears

    Some sort of psychological thriller where the woman thinks she is losing her mind but everyone around her scoffs and says she is just looking for attention. And it turns out that is all it was.

    May not sell well but I can think of a host of actresses for the lead role if it was made into a movie.

  5. Samurai Mines

    An ancient burial ground is discovered in East China, and a government lock down creates a challenge and a race to uncover the lost treasures of a dying patriarch.


      Joe–I usually want to murder someone when I try to frame in a selfie. Totally plausible plot. You & Lynn should write it. You’ve already got the cover.

  6. The Eyes That Bind – A blind Japanese girl becomes a stone cold killer after unwittingly receiving dual cornea transplants from an executed murderer

  7. Shrinking Sadness
    Female psychiatrist falls for and becomes the fourth wife of a patient.

  8. Soul Mask
    Reality is not what you see, but what lies behind the mask.

    The enemy of man will steal all that is you.

    Death Whisper
    A child’s gift is his worst nightmare, as he hears the soul cries of those about to die.

    Eternal Sorrow
    Immortality sounded like heaven, until she realized all her sorrows were now forever.

    An unseen force is absorbing the souls of the living, one with the universe is not as nice as they say.

    Blood Puppet
    Some will stop at nothing to gain power, not even the boundaries of nightmare.

    Banished from her world, she assumes the shape of a woman but has not lost a drop of the evil in her heart.

    The Empty
    Lonely is just a word, but emptiness is a state of being.

  9. or from another genre perspective:

    Emo Mask Chick
    All the guys think she’s hot but creepy, really creepy.

    Bloody Eye
    Someone get a doctor, she’s got blood in her eye.

    See mom! I told you broccoli was poison!

    Running with Scissors
    She was told not to…

    Kitty, Kitty
    Bath time for kitty just got real.

  10. Crying for Attention

    Graphic Artists On Strike


    Half Covered

    W for Wangst (the sequel to V for Vendetta)

    I could go on and on… “this one” speaks to me… The other suggestions were all good too.

  11. Cry your eyes out…
    Mother warned me about the clock striking, but she never told me about the tears….

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