Reader Friday: Where do YOU write?

Last Friday we shared some pix of where the TKZ bloggers write. This week, it’s your turn. A number of readers responded to our request with some great photos of their writing spaces. Here we go!

Basil Sands:

Basil is a self-described “on the go, write-where-you-can” kind of guy.

“I have three primary butt parking spots where my literary juices tend to spike highest,” he says. 

I vote for #2, the comfy, cozy chair.

John Gilstrap:
Blogger Emeritus John Gilstrap sent in a view of his office as you come in from the front door. I have to say, John’s writing space comes closest to my ideal vision of a bestselling author’s writing space!

Mike Dennis:

OK, forget the office–just look at Mike Dennis’s place (I think it’s hidden behind the palm trees). It must be great to work in paradise! 

And here’s his office…
Mike Jecks
Mike from the UK accused us of cleaning up our desks for our photos last week. Guilty as charged, Mike! He included a photo of his office and canine muses.

“As you can see, British writers don’t tidy up the desk before wandering off to pointlessly take photos, even leaving both dogs in the shot to prove we’re not idly ambling around the lanes instead of working,” he said, with lovable British sarcasm. “No. We’re sitting indoors pretending to concentrate on the next book, while actually taking photos of the ‘workspace’ instead. Work displacement activities are a wonderful thing! Hope you like the way I took one photo, didn’t like it, so took a second while leaving the first on the screen … yeah, I forgot.” 

Oh, and the second dog? If you look under the desk, you’ll spot a nose.

Zoe Sharp:

Zoe gets her creative juices flowing in an unlikely spot–her car. 

“I get a lot of productive work done in the car on motorway journeys,” she says.

Seriously, Zoe? Be careful doing that in Southern California–they hand out tickets here for texting and using a cell phone, much less tapping out the Next Great American Novel! 

Michael Harling:

Michael is shown working in his office.  

“This is me, our dining table and, yes, that is my permanent ‘office.’  It is where I work when I am not writing on the bus or a train,” he says.

I’m a dining room table writer too, Michael. Thanks for sharing!

Richard Mabry:

Richard Mabry sent us a photo of his office from his iPhone. Very cool! 

Mark Terry:

“My office used to be in the basement… and my youngest son wanted to move down there so I switched with him,” Mark says. “I rather liked the solar system hanging from the ceiling, so I left it up.” 

The acoustic guitar provides an additional outlet for creative expression.

Terri Coop:
Terri describes her office as “very much my cocoon.”

“This is my little corner of the world where I write and run my business,” she says. “It is in a free-standing apartment built inside my warehouse. I rescued the desks and wall mount cabinets from the alley behind an insurance agency (there is another on just like it to the left holding all my graphic design printers). Then I decorated the office around the desks.”

I love the HOPE sign on top of the cabinet. Every writer needs one of these!

Thank you! 
Sending out a big thanks to everyone who shared their pictures and stories about their writing spots this week. Hope we didn’t overlook anyone. Please share your story today in the Comments!

15 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Where do YOU write?

  1. Kathryn, After seeing the other offices, I’ve decided to write in my garden, or garage, or car–I mean, my space looks so tame.
    Interesting to see where we all work. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  2. None of us can compete with Zoe Sharp’s office on wheels, Richard, lol! Besides, aren’t those medical degrees on the wall behind your desk? That’s totally impressive!

  3. Omg, these are so cool!! I even remembered something about Mark Terry’s office being in a basement. Glad to see he’s been promoted. All these spaces look great. I was particularly drawn to Mike Jecks spot. I’d love to check out those bookshelves, but not before I pet his sweet muses. I have two myself. Love them.

    Zoe is INSANE however!! And I think Mike Dennis is spoofing us. I don’t see a desk in those palm trees. What are you…Tarzan?

    Thanks for sharing TKZers.

  4. Ooooo…nomadic, I like it.

    Basil Sands, bearer of the knowledge of the ancients, warrior of the literary steppe, hanging from the side of his charging pony firing verbal arrows deep into the heart of readers, the Genghis Khan of writing, conquering the reading masses with the sword of his pen, inking tales as with blood to paper and surviving on Arak (fermented mare’s milk) and Cheetos as he storms the publishing world. Basil Nomad of the Thrillerverse!

    …ooooh, I so want to wear a Genghis costume as I write now.

  5. I got a lot of inspiration (and comfort!) seeing where some seriously good writers write. I’ve been writing in my home studio/office most of the time, Eli’s Bagels at other times and Starbucks the rest of the time. Coffee and quiet are two key components I need to make new books happen

  6. Yes, remind me to avoid being anywhere near Zoe and I’ll take the palm trees even if they are a spoof!

  7. It’s easy to take the palm trees for granted in Southern California. But every time I go elsewhere, I’m reminded how lucky we are to have them, plus the year-round great weather! I always manage to hit other regions at the worst time of year for weather.

  8. The palms are no spoof, TKZers. There are over 200 of them. My house is somewhere behind them. You can see my car in the driveway to the left and the sidewalk leading up to the front gate (deep in the shade) in the center.

    But it pales next to Zoe Sharp’s office. I hope she waits till she’s stopped at a red light before the muse hits her.

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