Don’t worry. It’s Just The End of The World.

I’ll be back next week. I do have one thing to say. Or rather to show you. This woman is a member of the House of Representatives elected by actual voters. How, I ask you, can this country be in any trouble?

I’ll have a real blog next week. This week political thoughts were all I had.

5 thoughts on “Don’t worry. It’s Just The End of The World.

  1. I’m a Yankee liberal who rarely agrees with John on matters political, but I’m with him here. It’s bad enough when voters have at best a superficial understanding of the world around them and its history. Elected leaders with these gaps are what has led us to the mess we’re in today, regardless of political party.

  2. The point is that she has no concept of the Cuban revolution. Fidel was the Revolution, Che was a sidekick. Castro was a bloodthirsty monster. True Che was a cold-blooded killer too, but Fidel was a death squad kind of guy who after the Bay of Pigs recorded men being flayed alive and having bleach poured in the wounds to send to the Florida Cubans. White or black, that lady is a blithering embarrassment.

    And Anonymous, being anon is cowardly, Let me guess… Female and northern and of a certain age?

  3. GW Bush was elected by actual voters, too. (Or so the story goes.) Being an ignorant idiot, unfortunately, does not disqualify one from getting elected into office.

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