Radio, TV and Podcasts

Nancy J. Cohen

I haven’t ventured far into the world of podcasts, radio interviews or TV appearances. As an author, I’d rather spend my time writing the next book. Nonetheless, I’ve done a few radio spots via telephone, but I don’t seek them out. Somehow the thought of a microphone or camera aimed my way with hundreds of invisible listeners makes me nervous.

A telephone interview can be fun if done with a dynamic host who knows all the right questions to keep things flowing. The interviews I’ve done to date have gone well in this respect. But I’m wondering how these shows serve the reader and if they’re worth the time spent.

Do you listen to these shows? Have you ever bought a book based on an author interview you’ve heard/seen on the air?


Do any of you listen to podcasts? Do they influence you to follow an author’s social media sites? Buy his books? Or do you just tune in to learn what you can and then move on? Are podcasts essential to one’s media kit?

For those of you who’ve done these types of appearances, have they led to other valuable contacts? Have listeners responded? Besides the publicity, did you gain an upsurge in sales? Or did you merely enjoy the experience?

One of the speakers on “Radio for Writers” at a Florida Chapter MWA meeting recently stressed that the story isn’t about your book. It’s about you as a person and your journey as an author. Finding that unique angle or local slant is what would interest her as a reporter. See her tips for authors here:

So what’s your take on this whole live media business? Is it worth pursuing or is your time as a writer better spent working on the next book?

Speaking of radio interviews, I’ll be appearing at on Friday, October 10 at 6:00 pm EDT. I hope you will tune in!

Reading, Writing and Radio: Can you hear me now?

By: Kathleen Pickering

radio_announcerMy marketing plan has taken me to interesting places. Conferences. Book signings. Post Offices. Restaurants. Bars. Beaches. Office supply stores. Publishers. Printers. YouTube, Facebook and all paths deep into the Internet.

That last one, friends, is my favorite. And, as of last week, I discovered my most favorite place on the Internet is radio talk shows.

I’m hooked.

Looking for another outlet for MYTHOLOGICAL SAM-THE CALL, I submitted a request for an interview to SPIRITUALLY RAW, a radio show where no topic on religion or spirituality is taboo. It’s a fascinating site. You have to be pretty open minded. You’d like to know that I found a forensic investigator, and a few mystery writers there. My biggest surprise was to find movie producer, James Cameron (AVATAR) and actor, Timothy Dalton, among the friends list.

Since MythSam contains strong spiritual undertones, my request was accepted, but I had to go through a process. First, I was slotted for a 15 minute interview where I presented myself, Mythological Sam-The Call and my thoughts. That Friday I was invited to return to see if I would be voted back. Once again, I had the chance to chat with the radio hosts on the air.

It was a close call (I’m sure it’s because my story sounds well . . . unbelievable), but to my delight, I was voted back. And, guess what? I can completely confirm that I am a sucker for a microphone! Holy guacamole. I loved being on the airwaves.

I’m convinced it’s because I’m one of eight kids and I never really got the proper attention I needed as a child. Not only that. For someone who has a hankering to know as many people on this planet as she can possibly meet, nothing beats sending your story out into the ether. Who knows who might call me back! (I just hope they speak English or Spanish.)

I’d love to share last Thursday’s interview. Just let me warn you. I don’t come on until 13 minutes into the broadcast.Speaking before me is an interesting woman who wrote a book on orgasms as spiritual experiences. (Really. Makes sense. Don’t you think? I’ll have to buy a copy. My husband will be thrilled.) Unfortunately, that woman was not invited back. You can listen to her as well, or move the line on the radio dashboard into the 13 minute mark. Here’s the link to the first podcast. Be sure to click on the return arrow in the top left to get back to this page when you are finished.

April and Ajay MattaAjay and April Matta have invited me back to talk more about my strange religious experience and how it relates to the Mythological Sam trilogy. The show will air on August 18th at 10 a.m. Mark you calendars. If you are available, I would love to have you listened in. Here’s the link for the information:

The Spiritually Raw website has a fun chat room while listening and a phone number so you can call in to heckle me. Wouldn’t that be fun?! If you do call, be sure to tell me you’re from The Kill Zone. I want them to know about everyone here, too!

So, I ask you. If someone offered you a microphone as a marketing tool, would you take it? And if you have already, how did it work for you?