16 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Character For a Day

  1. Mr. Spock. He has always been my favorite character of all time. Super-smart. Strong. Problem solver. A sense of humor that he springs on people when they least expect it. Dedicated. Objective. Fiercely loyal. Very complex. Inquisitive. Bonus: Tall. 😎

    Would be great to see through his lens and assess/work through problems from his standpoint for a day.

    • I am an University City High School Graduate. One of my fellow alums wrote a story in high school about going back in time and meet his father when his dad was in high school. In college, he refined his story. Then Bob Gale turned his story into a movie. There are some Easter Eggs in BTTF that link back to University City.

      • So you know Bob Gale, eh? Well I happen to be good friends with Mr. Morty Milder, of U City High, who played the definitive Nathan Detroit in their production of Guys and Dolls. So there!

        BTW, Mr. Gale is in NYC, and Morty has seen previews of what is going to be the next Broadway smash, the musical version of Back to the Future!

  2. I was thinking hard for a hot second when I realized the answer was obvious. Loki from the MCU. Except I’d want a good day in his life.

    I chose him because he’s me. The only character that I see myself in. Nobody else is alone in the world of his enemies (like I was as a Pakistani Muslim growing up after 9/11). Also, he is brilliant and likes to have fun when not trying to gain people’s attention.

  3. This one’s easy-peasy for me.

    Tauriel in LOTR, of course. (Wait, what . . . she’s not real?)

    I’d get to be a warrior elf, leap from tree to tree letting arrows fly at the bad orcs, and never miss nor get my feet tangled up and fall.


  4. From the Sci-Fi genre, Beowulf Schaeffer. Tall Albino space-farer from Larry Niven’s Known Space stories. Not overly reckless but found himself in many tight spots in which he had to use his brains to escape. And he lived at a time when there was faster-than-light star ships.

  5. Dr. House. An easy choice. He’s really an embodiment of Sherlock Holmes (House = Home), who lives at number 221B, and whose best friend is named Wilson (= Watson). He’s a solver of challenging mysteries, a diagnostician, like my father.

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