Reader Friday: Your First Guest

Rod Taylor in The Time Machine (1960)


You have your own late night talk show. And a time machine. Who do you get as your first guest?

What’s the first question you’d ask?

16 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Your First Guest

  1. James Madison.

    “Settle an argument once and for all for future Americans. What’s the deal with the Second Amendment?”

  2. Adam

    “Given the mess that your children have made of this world, and if you had the chance to do it all over again, would you have any children?

  3. Elizabeth MacKintosh (AKA Scottish mystery author Josephine Tey AKA playwright Gordon Daviot)

    “What do you most love, and what do you most hate about the mystery genre?”

    • Hitler would say he was just seeking justice. Many say the same thing today.
      But Hitler was driven by unconscious contents and possibly unaware of the true forces driving him: projection of his own defective incestuous genetics upon others (primarily Jews and impaired people). The Holocaust and Aktion T4 were his methods of attempting to expunge his interior flaw.

  4. Michael Sarnoff, my best friend, murdered in July, 1979. Nationally ranked chess expert. Probably would have been a Master by 18, and maybe a National or World champion had he not been killed at 16.

    Question 1, Can we play some chess?
    Question 2, Would you like to see the World Chess Hall of Fame?

  5. Jesus Christ
    Millions have died invoking your name, both in your defense and against you. Has that been worth it for you?

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