It’s with decidedly mixed feelings that I write this final blog post for TKZ. It’s certainly been a good run and, having been here from the start, I am sad to be leaving…but the time has come and I am thrilled to be passing the blog baton on to a regular TKZ contributor, Kay DiBianca (Welcome Kay!).

Not being one for long goodbyes, I thought I’d end with a brief distillation of some of the advice I’ve given over the years to all those looking to establish a writing career (something definitely not for the faint of heart!). While there is no one path to publication or success, I have always strived to be supportive and encouraging of all those committed to their craft, and I continue to believe that there are huge opportunities despite (and more often because of) ongoing changes within the publishing industry. Publication can be a daunting ambition but communities such as TKZ are great places to both learn and share advice. So here are final words of wisdom (such as they are!):

Know Thyself: It’s taken me many years to accept the kind of writer I am but now I understand my motivation, process, and limitations. I know for instance that I’m motivated by traditional publishing, that I’m incapable of writing to word count deadlines, and that I am and probably always will be a historical fiction writer.  I also know that I’m unlikely to ever write erotica or horror:)

Be Brave: As my recent blog post regarding my art illustrated, much in the way of success relies on being brave. Putting your work out there, risking rejection and failure, is critical and yet almost all the writers I know have periods of insecurity and angst. I’ve learned that (at least for me) the key is to take a deep breath, do my very best creative work, and then let it out into the world…which (again for me) is a very brave thing to do:)

Be Kind: The writing community is generally extremely supportive so try to be a part of someone else’s success rather than relishing their failure. I have benefited from the kindness of many fellow writers, readers, agents, and editors…and truly hope to be able to do the same for others. Unfortunately, there are so many toxic and divisive threads and platforms online that writers can get caught up in – all of which detract from the creative process – so it’s best to ignore these as best you can. Sadly no community is immune from this at the moment, so although I say be kind, I do not mean be passive…just try to walk away from the worst of it!

These three pieces of advice seem pretty measly, but I hope that my blog posts over the last years have helped at least some of you in TKZ community find your own creative path and success. Wishing you all even more success in the future. Happy writing!


28 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Clare! You will be missed! Enjoy the many next steps of your journey but don’t become a stranger here.

    Your advice, by the way, is wonderful. “Measly” is not the word that reflexively comes to mind as I read it.

    Be well.

  2. Going to miss you, Clare!!!

    I’m only one of many, many, many writers to whom you’ve been kind and generous with your experience and knowledge. Thank you.

    Measly? Not at all! Wise advice, eloquently put.

    Wishing you great success as you expand your creativity into art.

  3. Thanks, Clare, for all you have taught us. Your advice today is far from measly. It is great advice for any of life’s endeavors . I hope you find joy and peace in your artistic pursuits. And, when you discover a nugget of truth for writing in your art and work, I hope you will come back and enlighten us. I wish you the greatest of success in all of your creative adventures.

  4. Your parting advice is far from measly, Clare. In fact, it’s pure gold. Three pieces of advice to write by, and to live by. Thank you for all the thoughtful, kind, wise posts you’ve had here, from the beginning of KZB no less. All the best going forward.

  5. Clare, Your advice is surely the bedrock on which to build a writing career. I will bookmark this one as a constant reminder.

    You will be missed here. Although I am more than honored to become a regular contributor to TKZ, you have left some big shoes to fill. I’m taking your advice to heart, and I’ll do my best.

    Peace and joy in all your future endeavors.

  6. You’ll be missed, Clare. I’m a relative newcomer to TKZ, so I haven’t had the pleasure of “knowing” you as long as others here, but your posts have always been valuable.
    Don’t be a stranger!

  7. Thanks, Clare, for your timely advice and always encouraging comments. I’ll miss you, as everyone has said. I think you critiqued one of my first pages, and as I recall, it made my heart sing…

    Best wishes for adventures ahead! ?

  8. You’ll be missed, Clare. Your good advice has inspired and encouraged me on so many occasions.

    May your new path bring you deep joy, laughter, inspiration, and an abundance of new and exciting opportunities.

  9. SorrySorrSorry that you’re leaving TKZ, Clare, but certainly understandable! I ran out of new things to blog about after only a few years here, and you’ve been around since the start! Wow!

    But I’m thrilled that your replacement will be Kay DiBianca! Passing the baton! 🙂

  10. Best wishes, Clare. I am working on my first novel, a historical mystery and you have definitely helped me a lot, as everyone on here has. You will be missed and I look forward to your guests posts. 🙂

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