Reader Friday: I Wish

Doris Day and Gordon MacRae in Tea for Two (1950)

I wish I could sing like Gordon MacRae.

I wish I could dance like Gene Kelly.

I wish I could dunk like Zion Williamson.

What do you wish?


23 thoughts on “Reader Friday: I Wish

  1. Besides wishing I could write like you, Sir? 🙄

    In no particular order, I wish I could:
    – play guitar like Terry Kath (the original guitarist for the band Chicago)…
    – write songs like John Prine and Guy Clark…
    – paint watercolors like Winslow Homer…
    – be as articulate, and plain-spoken as Dad was…

    Practicing all of the above in one form or another…

  2. I wish I could sing like Carrie Underwood.
    I wish I could talk to animals like Doctor Doolittle.
    I wish I could build my dream log home on the perfect plot of land, surrounded by nothing but wildlife for 100 acres (working to make that dream a reality someday).

  3. Currently, I wish I could find focus & concentration to work on fiction and visual art.

  4. I wish I could write as elegantly as I think.

    Sometimes my own thoughts astound me (not bragging-I do believe those thoughts are planted there by Someone else), but when the blank white page stares at me, somehow my thoughts descend through the rabbit hole, stumbling over grammar rules, POV glitches, muddy theme, and too many -ings. Sigh.

    I wish I could write my story like all those other famous authors-perfectly, the first time. But wait…those authors don’t exist. Whew!

  5. I wish I could finish one, any one, of the eleven novels I’ve started. When my first book was published, family and friends said the biggest surprise was that I’d finished something. Maybe author isn’t the best fit for me?

  6. In heaven I’ll have the voice and chops to do Bach’s “Großer Herr und starker König” and Handel’s “The trumped shall sound,” performing the baroque trumpet like John Theissen and bass parts like Dashon Burton simultaneously. (No “toy trumpet” such as gets used so often today.)

    I’d be able to write like Walter Mosley, whose novels I’m currently devouring.

  7. I wish I could throw like Payton Manning.
    I wish I could perform like Jack Nicholson.
    I wish I could speak like Winston Churchill.
    I wish I could drive like John Daily (or Mario Andretti)
    I wish I could putt like Tiger Woods.
    I wish I could write like John D. MacDonald.

  8. I wish I could have witnessed that first meeting between Henry Hudson’s crew and the local Lenape band on that fateful day in Lower Manhattan on September 12, 1609.

    Oh, wait. I did.

  9. I wish there were no more sick children, that the children had all the medicine, pure water, milk, and food they need, and the pets they want. I wish each child had a mama and a daddy. I wish the orphanages and children’s hospitals could close. I wish that the children I pray for could know they are loved and cared for. I wish too much candy and doughnuts and and chocolate pudding were not bad for them.

    I wish that bad men and women who hurt, abuse, and traffic children would supernaturally die. Today.

    I wish my wishes would come true.

  10. I wish I could run like Shalane Flanagan.
    I wish I could write like Beryl Markham.
    I wish I could think like Albert Einstein.
    I wish I could understand like Viktor Frankl.
    I wish I could “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.”

  11. I wish I could talk to my dad one more time.

    I wish I could sit down and have a chat with Winston Churchill, Samuel Clemens, Teddy Roosevelt, and a few other characters.

    I wish I could paint like James Bama.

      • Yes, we had the privilege of having them in our life. I’ll add two husbands and my brother to my list. I mentioned my dad first since his passing is more recent and I haven’t quite adjusted to his being gone. We will always carry them in our hearts. <3

  12. I’ve spent the day thinking about this question, and my answer is not a damned thing. I am what I am, and I’ve come to terms with what I have and don’t have.

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