Reader Friday: You’ve Been Kidnapped

You’ve just been abducted.

Where is your kidnapper taking you?

HINT: it’s the setting of the last novel you read. Please include title and author.

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55 thoughts on “Reader Friday: You’ve Been Kidnapped

  1. Luxembourg… which means no one will find me since who really knows where Luxembourg is? (…which is exactly what the protag in _The Expats_ says when she’s told her husband has new job there…)

  2. Cincinnati and surrounding areas (Although to be honest, I’m not big on geography and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the main settings.)

    Ant Farm by James M. Jackson

    • If I hadn’t just finished The Long Call, I’d be there with you. Maybe together we could defeat the baddies. Jim made Cincinnati a lot more interesting than it appears when zipping through (if we’re lucky) on I-71. He’s right about the splendid view of Cincy coming north on71 through Covington, KY. I could live with that view.

  3. In eastern Oregon, the High Desert where smoke from the campfire drifts down in the morning instead of rising, so you can’t see where you step, and feral mules savagely defend their territory, and crazy preachers are more likely to shoot you than baptize you. Grind Your Bones to Dust by Nicholas Day.

  4. Barnstaple, Devonshire, UK. Locked in a deserted shed in a deserted corner of Matthew and Jonathan’s property. My captors figure that’s the last place Matthew would look for me. (Non-spoiler–my place of confinement bears no relation to the story other than that Matthew and Jonathan own the property.)

    The Long Call by Ann Cleeves.

  5. A London neighborhood in the 1800s where Jack the Ripper is stalking victims–I am in deep doo-doo…literally b/c the streets were also the sewers.

    The Curse She Wore by Jordan Dane.

  6. Oh my! What fun…or not…

    I’m in a basement holding cell in Greece, kidnapped by a shadow group, called Kairos, about to wreak havoc at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. POTUS and his team are heading there to unveil the new version of a Middle East Peace Plan. Kairos objects, having been hired by several Arab and Palestinian entities to do a little bombing and assassinating. Of POTUS.

    The Jerusalem Assassin, the newest by Joel Rosenberg.

    What I can’t work out is: WHY ME? I’m just a nobody from Yakima, WA. If I figure it out, I’ll let y’all know.

  7. I’ve been taken to a cave in the English countryside (Dorset) dug out by my captor to hide from agents of an aggressive foreign power as well as local traitors to the Queen. My captor is a very likeable English Gentleman. It’s 1938. War is coming to Europe.

    – Rogue Male, Geoffrey Household

  8. An abandoned movie theatre in Venice Italy.

    The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

    A reread since I love that book so much, though now that I’m older, the legal stuff in it makes no sense. You can’t playact an adoption.

  9. I am in deep trouble. Either strapped to a dog sled heading to the north pole or the dungeon of a castle in Germany near the Ingolstadt.

    OK I am about half way through Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein, original text by Mary Shelly. The Wrightson version has about 50 masterful illustrations.

  10. Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) of Washington State. Hopefully, a nice werewolf would save me.

    SMOKE BITTEN, Patricia Briggs. “Mercy Thompson” series, Book 12. Urban fantasy. When a monster who kills for magical energy starts a rampage, Mercy and her mate Adam must stop while dealing with something wrong with Adam’s connection to his inner wolf as well other minor disasters.

  11. I”m being held in the dungeon of a reproduction of one of Ludwig of Bavaria’s castles in Chandler Grove, Georgia. Rescue me!

    Sick of Shadows by Sharyn McCrumb.

  12. It wuz El Lay…where else? Last Call by James Scott Bell. Okay, some suburban Las Vegas thrown in, but it was L. A. as only JSB can portray it, complete with nostalgic notes and indigent background.

  13. Antarctica. I hate the cold, but I’d love to go there.

    Where did you go, Bernadette? by, um, have to look this up: Maria Semple

    Most of the book takes place in Seattle. Since I already live here I prefer the idea of getting kidnapped to there. If you’re going to get kidnapped you should at least get a decent trip out of the deal.

  14. “Hooked on Hooty!” His wife is abducted by the Jersey Boys and held in suite 305 of the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida, as bait drawing her husband Hooty and his friend Scooter from Key West to Key Largo to exchange for the
    blood diamonds..

  15. The Arizona desert. Just read Borders of the Heart by Chris Fabry. He knows how to detail scenes so you feel the scorching heat and feel your heart pounding with the characters in this action-adventure novel that’s all about redemption.

  16. Well crap…I am narrating a John Gilstrap novel right now. If I just got kidnapped in that world I am screwed! Because the middle aged fat guy almost always dies trying to prove he can keep up with Dig & Boxers!

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