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We recently finished binging Season 6 of BOSCH. After so many seasons, Titus Welliver is Harry Bosch in my mind, even though the fictional Harry isn’t covered in ink. Somehow, the tattoos work for the character. BTW, did you know they’re real?

If Hollywood called to turn your latest novel into a series or movie, who would you want to play lead? Give us a little context to understand your choice.

If Titus Welliver never played Harry Bosch, who would you want to step into that role?

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20 thoughts on “Reader Friday: BOSCH

  1. My wife and I love Bosch, too. Funny, I always pictured Bosch as looking like…Michael Connelly! (Welliver, however, has grown on me).

    As for Mike Romeo, we need somebody ripped, but also with a glint of humor in his eye. Chris Hemsworth perhaps. (Please notify his agent of these remarks.)

    • I did, too! Until the Prime series.

      Hahaha. Will do. I’ve got Chris’ agent on speed dial. #notevenremotelytrue 😉

    • Ditto, JSB.
      I wonder how Bosch has such a deep tan if he’s always doing his ‘detective stuff.’

      I prefer to take the JD Robb route about casting people from my books. Every reader has a different image and no matter who I pick, it would bother some reader/viewers (Reacher come to mind?)

      Although for my What’s in a Name? it would have to be a younger Adrian Paul, since that’s who I modeled the character after (or, more accurately, Duncan MacLeod)

  2. Two marine vets, one from Vietnam-70 years old. The other an Iraq vet-in his late 40’s. They’re strangers, thrown together with their families in a freak storm, and have to survive the storm and confront the demons that haunt their pasts.

    Tom Selleck and Mark Wahlberg would be my picks.

    If not Mr. Welliver, I’d choose Bogart.

  3. I cast my stories before I start. My main character is Colt Flowers and only Matthew McConaughey could possibly play the part.

    As for Bosch. Welliver has a firm grasp on the part, but in a movie version, maybe Hugh Jackman.

  4. A brief pause while I laugh hysterically at the idea any of my books being noticed by big media. I wipe the laughter tears from my eyes. Okay, I’m ready to type.

    Most of my books were “cast” in my head years ago so the actors are too old or dead to play the part, but here’s one. THE GAME WE PLAY, a romantic thriller. The hero is a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist. His two young children are kidnapped, and documents that will destroy some mafia types are the ransom. He must steal them. The kicker is his best friend has the documents, and they are all that keep him alive. The best friend is essentially Cary Grant from IT TAKES A THIEF, but he was a catburglar for the French Resistance. He’s played by Paul Newman. Nick the journalist is Peter Strauss from around the RICH MAN, POOR MAN era of his popularity.

  5. My paranormal series (yet unpublished) is about a petite (four-foot-eleven-inch tall) girl-next-door redheaded All-American young woman who, as a Marine, won a Silver Star in Afghanistan for rolling herself between three wounded Marines and a charging mob of insurgent fighters, and taking down a bunch of the bad guys with a M249 LMG machine gun. She insists to this day she only rolled to the position because she was looking for hand grenades, I’ve always thought of two actresses for the role: Madalyn Horcher of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, or Renee Felice Smith, Nell Jones, of NCIS: Los Angeles.

    My character, Lisa Trent, is tiny but she is a Marine MP because the recruiter fudged her height specification, and she took down two male Marine Martial Arts instructors in Marine boot camp, breaking one’s thumb. She’s not a mean, angry female. She once sang professionally with her twin sister in the stage shows at Disneyland, and she was head cheerleader at Warner’s Crossing High School. (By the way, her twin sister is five-feet-eleven inches, a full three-quarter blood quantum member of the Aransa Tribe of Oklahoma, and was a high school All State athlete in two sports. Lisa is, as I said, four-foot-eleven-inches, a full-blooded Scottish-American. It’s interesting how they are twin sisters.)

    Either Horcher or Smith would be great in the role.

  6. My WIP is a historical mystery set in 1871 Old West Nevada. My protagonist is a madam who owns a parlor house. She has red hair and she is in her early to mid-30s. I have always envisioned Amada Blake, Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke, in this role. Of course, she is dead, so I need to come up with someone else but she will always be Miss Kitty in my mind. Happy Friday, TKZer’s!

  7. Haven’t watched Bosch – so no opinion.

    While writing my Rachel Short series I had Angela Basset and Keanu Reeves in mind. For Reese Millridge – Vanessa Williams.

    Keanu, because I have always been in love with him – if I can’t have him at least my character can.

    I’m not good at making up descriptions so I had numerous pics of Angela and Vanessa up while writing as references.

    • Keanu, because I have always been in love with him – if I can’t have him at least my character can.

      Hahahaha. You and about a million other ladies. 😉

  8. Ray Liotta – we just finished Season 6 too! Missed a few – Covid TV Rule – If you go to bed and the other person keeps watching, it’s your responsibility to catch up during date time hours – no going back!

    • Love Ray Liotta! That rule would never work in our house. We turn on the TV together, we shutdown the TV together. Plus, neither of us watch TV during the day…unless we’re playing hooky on a stormy afternoon. 😉

  9. Although Robert Pattinson is 33 and my protagonist in “The Heights of Valor” is about 7 years younger, anybody who can play Batman in his early career is good enough for me.

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