Let’s Have Some Fun

by James Scott Bell

Goodness knows, we need all the fun we can get right now. So in lieu of my usual craft column, I’m declaring today an official TKZ Fun Zone (TKZFZ). Let’s play a game.

The name of the game is Less Interesting Books. You take a well known title and change a word or two to come up with a not-so-compelling alternative. For example:

Moby Bob
The Mediocre Gatsby
Nathan’s Walk

That’s all there is to it. One rule: One title per comment (that way if someone wants to give you a high five, they can). If you come up with another title, just leave another comment. Clear?

Okay, boys and girls, let’s play!

154 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Fun

  1. (note to self: proofread)

    I’m going with movies. Me breaking them rules?

    Raiders of the lost ballpark

    Pulp Friction

    Star wars: The Empire Lays back

  2. Super Street Signs
    The Key to Unleashing the Power and Precision of the Invention and Creativity of the Wonderful and Time Saving, Best Selling, Can’t-Put-It-Down, Can’t-Live-Without-It, Auto-Pilot, Self-Driving Story

  3. The Association of the Ring: being the first part of The Secretary of the Ring

  4. Farewell, My Homely

    Le OK

    The Old Man and the Puddle

    Vegetable Farm

    The Schlage Key

    It’s just too easy.

  5. A Clockwork Clock

    In Harm’s Hay

    The Long So-Long

    The Visible Man

    The Postman Always Stumbles Twice

    Stutter Island

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Drain

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