13 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Bucket List

    • Sainte-Chappelle in Paris~ not because it’s Paris, which doesn’t hurt, but for its stained glass… Followed by Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for its “Silly Sand” magnificence…

  1. Mobility for life. For me and others.

    (Plus a few million other things that closely follow) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Finding a good chili joint and a great barbecue beef ribs place. I plan to go out gurgling cholesterol–if my wife doesn’t catch me beforehand.

  3. Visit Israel. I want to walk where Jesus walked. But not on an organized tour. I have a Messianic Jewish writer friend who lives in Haifa. It would be wonderful to spend a few weeks (months!) with her. If I could accomplish that, I’d tear up the rest of my Bucket List and die happy

    • Peg, my husband and I are members of a Messianic Jewish congregation. We spent several months in Israel over two trips, but not as part of an organized tour. Most of our time was spent working in a food distribution center in Jerusalem.
      It was the pinnacle of our lives, and I would love to share our experiences with you.
      You can email me at kay@kaydibianca.com

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