Reader Friday: Progress Report Time

How are your writing projects coming along so far in 2019?  Please share your projects, progress, and links in the Comments !

16 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Progress Report Time

  1. Ack! My WIP novel is not where I’d like it to be. These last few days the promo machine for THE STRANGER INSIDE has ginned up, and I’m writing blogs, doing interviews, etc. It’s great fun, but I need to keep touching the book every day so that when this whirlwind calms it will be smooth sailing on the sea of words. (Couldn’t resist lol) Thanks for the reminder!

    • Book launches take a huge amount of time. It’s amazing you’re even glancing at the WIP every day, Laura. I know it’s a couple days away, but happy book birthday!!!

  2. Too well, apparently. I was so focused on my WIP that I forgot it was February 1st and my turn for Reader Friday!

    Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. #WriterFail

  3. Now that my part-time job as ended, i’m back on track. I’ve started a new WIP titled “Found Murdered”. It features Vivian Lane, disbarred lawyer and now an investigator for the King County Prosecutor’s office. A murderer who.bought a not guilty verdict is free. He’s after her and she is after him. Real cat and mouse stuff with both being the cat and the mouse. She doesn’t drink too much, but in the past she did murder a suspect and got away with it. Lots of other parallels between the two to be to be developed and will be the theme.

  4. We’ve started a new travelogue series, “Faerie Mounds of Ireland” the first several episodes have already been taped.
    Season 1
    -Gourmet Meals of the Faerie World: Eating Underground With The Elf King

    Fillii and Boffin show how Oberon, King of the Elves, enjoys his grubs and ale
    -Toilets of the Little People: Wee Poo Too
    Nuggets of truth and ancient digestion as Gnillii walks us through the history of Leprechaun Plumbing, from pixie poo to Gerald the Troll’s massive post digestion troll-pellets no log is left unturned
    -Magic Places: Visiting Faerie Mounds and Living to Tell About It
    Faeries may be cute and little, but magical abilities and powerful demon forces can make it very hard to have a look inside their tiny homes. Berthold leads viewers on a tour and gives tips on how to avoid getting torn limb from limb and eaten by stone giants.

    Produced by RTÉ for Glan Iasc a Bhrúigh Go Tapa Le Ceann a Mhéara (aka NETFLIX, or literally “Fishnet That Pushes Away Quickly With One’s Fingers), the studio says the show will be aired on the second Tuesday after Winter Solstice at the prime 3 AM time slot, perfectly in time for that early morning crowd just as they enter their deepest dream sleep.


  5. My WIP, For Love of a Father is at 96,000 words. Mid-Jan 2018 it was at 55,000 words. A lot of revision went on in the past year.

    The novel tells of nineteen-year-old Lisa Schwarz, orphan and recently widowed, who is searching for her father, one Pietr Fendl, whose name and existence were unknown until recently. Meanwhile the police suspect that Fendl murdered Lisa’s mother fourteen years earlier. Will she gain a father or will he turn out to be the killer?

  6. As Sue already knows, I’m involved in a tense personal challenge to write a certain number of novels in a certain time. Without going into details, I finished the second novel of the challenge today (3 days early = 3 days in the bank) and hope to start the next one tomorrow.

    (Sue, this is why I haven’t gotten that thing to you that we talked about yet. But soon. Very soon. Possibly when you told me I have two week to recount that memory, you gave me too long. :-))

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