13 thoughts on “Reader Friday: New Books

  1. I’m going to explore novels by Derek B Miller (Norwegian by Night and others) that were recommended to me by Sarah Willis, who runs the Writer’s Workshop I’m in at Cuyahoga County Library. She said in an email, “The characterizations, dialog and place setting, along with the arc and movement of the plot are all worth studying.”

    I’ll continue working through the Harry Bosch oeuvre. I read Plantinga’s Police Craft over Christmas.

  2. Just finished Gunsights by Elmore Leonard. I’m anxious to read several anthologies of old pulp stories I picked up last week.

  3. I didn’t get any books as in books for reading, but someone gave me 2 beautiful leather bound journals that are so pretty I need to reserve them for special topics. 😎 Awesome!

    Main thrust of reading objectives is non-fic–everything I can get my hands on about joints/muscles, movement, therapy etc.

    Hoping JA Jance has another Joanna Brady novel in the works, and am waiting for the next in the Mike Romeo series! 😎 And if time allows, hope to search out some historical thrillers or mysteries set in U.S.

    • Brenda, if you haven’t seen it, check out Catherine Shanahan, “Deep Nutritrion – Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food” (2016), with quite a bit on joints, connective tissue, collagen, the foods that help them and control inflammation, and the foods that damage them (mainly sugar and processed vegetable oil).

      The author’s resume now included nutitional consultant to several professuional sports teams.

  4. Ace Atkins, “The Sinners”
    Michael Connelly, “Dark Sacred Night”
    Wallace Stroby, “Some Die Nameless”
    Nick Petrie, “Light it Up”
    Lawrence Osborne, “Only to Sleep” (authorized Marlowe tale – he’s now 72 and feeling it. I can empathize!)
    George Pelecanos, “The Man Who Came Uptown”
    Thomas Mullen, “Lightning Men”
    Don Winslow, “The Force”

    This should keep me out of triouble.

  5. I plan to dig into my e-reader’s library and read the books I’ve added to my collection that I somehow keep forgetting about. I think I’m still a little burned out from judging the Edgars a year ago, but I know I’ve got offerings from Michael Crichton, James Scott Bell, Jeffrey Deaver among others. The latest Lee Child is on hold at the library.
    I also dropped out of the book club I was attending, as the books they chose just weren’t for me, and I decided my time is better spent reading things I enjoy.

  6. James Patterson’s “Target, Alex Cross” was under the tree. Read it in two days and re-gifted it. I picked up a library loan, “The Witch Elm” by Tana French. And I’m working on my tbr pile from 2018.

    Interestingly when I was looking back on 2018, I started to jot down what I’d read. The list grew to 46, mostly fiction, genre and literary, but also how-to writing and photography books. I’m going to make that list an end of year tradition to keep me accountable. And I’m intending to comment more here in 2019 instead of just reading.

    Happy New Year James & TKZ-r’s.

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