What If Life Gave You A Mulligan?

If you were given a “do over” in your career, is there anything you’d do differently?


11 thoughts on “What If Life Gave You A Mulligan?

  1. For sure. Would never have gotten a business degree & instead gone into physical therapy. Didn’t anticipate in those days a long list of fluctuating interests, so I would have made sure to have education money set aside so that I could be a life-long student, both formal education setting and informal. 😎

  2. MULLIGAN. A great name for novel about reincarnation. I just happen to have a reincarnation novel I’m about to re-shop, might re-name it. 🙂 For me, my mulligan would be I would start writing at a much earlier age, come hell or high water. It took me until my forties to finally get serious about it. Twenty-plus years later I’m still clawing my way through it all. No matter. Happy my mulligan finally arrived.

    • Chris, I like the quote on your website, “The thing I write will be the thing I write.” Right now I am looking at the metal sign in my writing room, “It is what it is.” Life is a long series of decisions, some good some bad. If we had a chance to do a mulligan, it don’t mean the outcome would be any better. Might be worse. I agree, Mulligan would be a great book title.

      • RG: The quote is paraphrased from one of my all-time favorite novels, CHANCE, by Steve Shilstone: “The thing I make will be the thing I make.” A baseball novel but much, much more. Love it to pieces.

  3. I don’t think I would. Each mistake is a building block that makes us who we are; failure builds character. If we were able to do things differently, that may change the path we’re on now.

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