Reader Friday: Which Creature Represents Your Writing?

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Pick the animal or creature that best conveys your writing strength. Is it a spider weaving a mysterious, complex web? A wild Mustang thundering across the Great Plains, free of constraints? A jungle cat hidden in the tall grass at the edge of the Serengeti, stalking its story prey?

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18 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Which Creature Represents Your Writing?

  1. A spawning salmon. As a beginner and not being very efficient in this writing process, I have to go a long way and take up a lot of time just to produce a small, written being.

  2. Right now. . .a snail. It is s-l-o-w going! I have good reasons – a sick Dad (cancer) and a kidney stone of my own that prefers it’s current residence. But still. . .the stories are very much alive in my mind.

  3. A bigfoot. I am capable of intense beating-downs of keyboards, research tools, and intense screams of rage and hatred when I can’t get done when I need to do.

    Right now, it’s screams and hatred time because I cannot find research material on poisonings and female poisoners in China during the Qin Dynasty.

    Be afraid. If you find your writing libraries cruelly searched and ravaged, that may be my work.

  4. Thank you all. After a more tedious day than you can imagine at the day job, I enjoyed coming to read your responses.

  5. A sentient ferret.

    Hence, this story I have in its early draft stages:
    Its about a strikingly handsome Israeli Mossad agent named Basir Sandesman who falls in love with a former Hooters girl turned American CIA operative named Mia Moray whose partner is what appears to be a talking ferret named Colin who spends most of his time nestled warmly between her…in her sweater. Colin the ferret contains the entire MI-6 database in his brain via a computer chip he accidentally ingested in a bowl of ferret kibbels while undercover in an Al Qaeda pet shop sting. Unknown to Basir and Mia, Colin the ferret is actually my time travelling cousin Leonard who went to the past and met a hard hearing Genie who gave him two wishes. First Leonard said he wanted to find his true love, well actually he said “I want to meet and get close to Mi Amore” then for his second wish he wanted to look like Colin Farrel. The genie, being hard of hearing did his best. Now Colin (Leonard) is jealous of the sparking relationship between Basir and Mia but is afraid to shift back to his true identity because Mia will almost definitely not let him stay between her…in her sweater.

    The working title is:
    Ferret Whisperer #1: A Warm Jiggly Place With A Gun

    Opening line:
    “Colin did not like wonder-bras.”

    • Basil, I just stopped by to catch up on my favorite blogs during lunch and you nearly made me spit food all over my keyboard. Thank you for a most entertaining lunch. 😀

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