25 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Music

  1. I like to sing when I drive, to heck with all the stares from fellow drivers. It’s easy to sing along to the Carpenters and Neil Diamond, so I’d choose one of those two.

  2. Only one? Oye. You make it hard. Really hard. So many country greats–Jim Reeves, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash… But I guess I’d narrow it down to being between Alabama and George Strait.

    And of those 2 I’ll take George Strait, because I could listen to “Ace in the Hole” alone about 50 billion times without moving on to any of his other very numerous hits.

  3. If I’m the driver on a long trip, I want music that keeps me energized, so I like the music of The Rolling Stones and the image of the tireless Mick Jagger leaping across a stage.

  4. I’m on an Adele kick right now so it’d probably be her if I were driving today. However the idea of being able to play only one artist sounds like torture to me for a long drive. For the longest time a Beatles fan in the family had only their albums in his car and we’d listen to them whenever he was driving. Now I’m happy to listen to anything EXCEPT The Beatles. As fabulous as they are, it was just too much! ?

  5. Trailer music (the music written for motion picture advertising) would be the genre, and if I only get to pick one studio, then Audiomachine. But it would be hard to go with them over Kerry Muzzey, Ivan Torrent, Future World Music, or Two Steps From Hell.

  6. Joe Bonamasa.

    Or the Eagles.

    Or maybe a House of Blues or Crossroads compilation CD?

    Oh, Keb Mo!

    …or acoustic John Mayer.

    Forget it, I’ll just stay home with a good book and Spotify.

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