Reader Friday: Your Famous Writer Twin?

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Have you ever been told that your writing is similar in style to that of a famous author? Which one?


12 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Your Famous Writer Twin?

  1. The only time I’ve been compared to another writer was in the following review snippet. “Coletta’s writing style is bold. It’s riveting. Her words carry the impact of pistol shots. Her dialogue would make Raymond Chandler proud.”


    • I know all the mystery writers here are envious of that review, Sue! I’d have it printed up on a poster for my inspiration wall! 😁

  2. No. I’ve always wished someone would tell me I write like Zane Grey. But I know that’s not realistic. As much as his stuff influenced me, he and I have different styles, and for myself, I know I’d be much worse off if I tried to force myself into his mold. In the meantime, I’m still figuring out what my style is. 😎

  3. Hemingway, as told by my writing teacher (who is also a best-selling author) about a piece of my writing.
    And John le CarrΓ©, by a judge of a Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Book Awards Contest 2016 regarding female spy character building.
    I was extremely excited after both comments, and after the second one, I hardly could sleep in the night.

    • Both comments were great compliments; no wonder you were excited, Victoria! Congratulations!

  4. Chuck Palahniuk. An Internet app says I write like Chuck. Very extensive review (1.2 second response) of a writing sample. Oh, and my unicorn name is the last food I ate and the surname of my first fictional murder victim: Cheddar Cheese Pringles “Wump” Hozer. My agent says Robert B. Parker. Pringles Hozer is probably the most accurate, but I’ll go with Chuck and Mr. Parker.

  5. One of my treasured reviews was from the late great Ed Gorman in Mystery Scene who compared us to Ross Macdonald. The. best. Totally made up for the lousy review we got from Kirkus. πŸ™‚

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