Reader Friday: Your Writer’s Avatar?

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?


14 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Your Writer’s Avatar?

  1. My first thought is a lioness because they’re fierce and fearless. A camel would be more practical though because they’re sturdy and in it for the long haul. 🐪

    But given my ADHD brain, I’m probably more a monkey. 🐒 Of course I can choose anything I want, right? So I’ll go with lioness. *institutes protest over sexist lion 🦁 emoji*

    I can’t believe how long I thought about this–then again, I can.

  2. Hah! I love the idea of a lioness but after having seen a few up close in the wild, their eating habits and temperament put me off a tad. After spending an equally astonishing amount of time considering, I have settled on a dolphin 🐬 or unicorn 🦄. Unicorns exist only in the realm of fantasy, so I could keep all my preferred lifestyle and culinary habits. 😀

  3. I’ve always used my heart dog, Koko, as my avatar. He’s gone now, but we once came in second in a dog/owner look-alike contest, so I figured it was close enough. He was my first dog that was truly my own, and he was a lot like I would have liked to have been: quiet, unassuming, confident, and a true leader of the foster dogs I used to take in. Of course, he was also somewhat OCD – and I mean that in the diagnostic sense, not the popular vernacular. Everything was fine, unless it deviated from his set pattern of existence. And he loved his food. Yep. He was a lot like me.

  4. A dragonfly because they look lovely but are very useful, they eat mosquitoes! Here in the swamp it’s important to have a secondary job. I hope I write pretty things that are also useful and relevant.

  5. An ant. Industrious little guys, who carry loads larger than their bodies. You know, like trying to write a novel…sigh

  6. A cuttlefish, because they adapt their physical characteristics to their environment and survival–not just by changing their colors, like chameleons which is so ho-hum), but by changing into various fantastic shapes.

  7. Hmmmm, you mean if I can’t be the fastest animal on land? OK. I guess you’re right. My writing speed is more akin to a sloth. While I have excellent, close up sloth photos I am not changing my avatar.

  8. I have always been partial toward cats. I took one of those Facebook quizzes for fun the other day, the one that tells you what animal you are at heart. I got the snow leopard. It said that it was because I was most comfortable with my own company and maybe a few friends from time to time. That describes me almost to a tee. I’m very introverted and like my alone time. So, I will stick with the snow leopard. Besides all that, they are rare. I consider myself unique, so I’ll go with that. 🙂

  9. I guess mine would be my four little room mates, the Leprechaun brothers.

    Fillii: What’s an avatar? Isn’t that one of those Araby dancers with all the veils and stuff?

    Gnillii: I don’t even know how to dance, let alone dance with vases in my hands.

    Boffin: Not vases, veils, you know those floaty scarf things the Araby dancers flitter about when they’re busy sashaying and clicking their finger bells together, like this.

    Berthold: Boffin? What are you doing wiggling your bottom and flapping your hands like that?

    Boffin: I’m sashaying like a lovely Araby Avatar dancer with veils and bells.

    Gnillii: And vases, don’t forget the vases.

    Berthold: An avatar is not a kind of Araby dancer. An avatar is just a thing, like an animal or symbol used to refer to a specific person or resource. It’s just an image that makes you think of something else.

    Fillii: Watching our brother wag his tushy about is definitely making me think about something else.

    Berthold: Yeah, like how my tummy is getting kinda queasy, like I wanna un-swallow my lunch

    Gnillii: Here’s a vase you can fergle in.

    …sigh…yup, impromptu belly dancing leprechauns…that appears to be my avatar

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