Monopoly Tokens For Writers?

As you all have probably heard by now, a popular vote has given the world three new tokens for Hasbro’s game of Monopoly: a T-Rex, a Penguin, and a Rubber Ducky are In. The Thimble, Iron, and Wheelbarrow are Out. (Can’t say we’re sorry to see the Thimble go). The closest unsuccessful candidate was a tortoise. Of course, the announcement of the new designs  was accompanied by an inevitable bit of controversy about how the new tokens undermined the spirit of the original game. But so far, no dark conspiracy theories have emerged about Rubber Ducky fans rigging the system to give the Boot, the boot, thankfully.

It’s too late to vote, but wouldn’t it have been fun to see a writing oriented token in the mix? Perhaps a computer, a paper-filled trash can, or book token?

Are you happy with the winners and losers in the token popular vote? Are you sorry to see any of the old ones go?




6 thoughts on “Monopoly Tokens For Writers?

  1. I didn’t read the article but saw it pop it. As to writers tokens for the board…hmm….a computer monitor with “The End” on it might be good. 😎

  2. Actually, the new pieces have nothing to do with working hard and monopolizing in the real estate market. lol

    The penguin, the rubber ducky, and the T-rex are all symbolic of what exactly? Lord help us!!


  3. They’ve changed the tokens many times over the years. I like the T-rex, but have no opinion of the others. They do have a computer in the .com edition. If they get rid of the battleship, then I’ll revolt!

    If it weren’t so pricey I’d go for The Walking Dead edition.

  4. I agree that the Thimble was due for a makeover of some sort. The T-Rex is just puzzling. Is it supposed to be a T-Rex monster that might ravage the city? I’d much rather have Kong. Or a panda bear.

    Writer’s token? Coffee mug, hands down.

  5. You are right about the tokens, Diane. The original game was launched during the Deprssion, and the homely pieces reflected the original modest charms that players used–the whole thing was kind of a spoof on capitalism run amok I think. Rubber Ducky is cute but I think critics are right that the game tokens have lost any relation to the original idea behind the game.


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