A Little “Paws” For PJ

Kris reports that she is feeling a tad under the weather this week; she will be back next time. Feel better, Kris!

— Kathryn & The TKZ Crew

7 thoughts on “A Little “Paws” For PJ

  1. Thanks guys. Am better this morning. At the risk of TMI, I have been plagued by bad nose bleeds since our move to Tallahassee. Brought on, doc tells me, by combo of high pollen, arid no-rain conditions here and the fact that I have been popping Aleves like Tic Tacs (moving boxes etc…and Aleve is a blood thinner…duh). Nose bleeds are common but my fourth one in 10 days — which sent me to the ER Sunday night — was straight out of a Stephen King novel. They finally got it stopped.

    Am on couch-rest for two weeks. Can’t even walk the dogs. But hey, maybe I can get some writing done! Maybe there is some good material in this…

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