Reader Friday: What Substance Fuels Your Writer’s Engine?

imageMany (if not all) writers find that certain substances are, shall we say, helpful in terms of getting our creative juices flowing. Here, in no particular order, are some of the better-known writer’s kick-starting elixirs. Do you have a substance of choice that you use when writing? Why or why not?

  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Cigarette
  • Cigarette Followed By Double Espresso Chaser
  • E-Cigarette like these from this vape shop with some of your favorite tasting liquid (Ugh, IMO, But Some People Like Them)
  • Wine (Especially My Personal Fave, Toasted Head Chardonnay)
  • Beer (Especially Three Floyds Zombie Dust? That’s According To My Beer Drinking Buds)
  • Any Random Alcohol That Is Left In The House, Which Can Get The Job Done In A Pinch (BTW, Here’s a link to drinks favored by famous authors.)
  • M&Ms And Potato Chips (Sugar, Chocolate, And Salt Combo, Yum!)
  • B&R Ice Cream, Any Flavor (Except Mint Chicolate Chip, Which Tastes Like Toothpaste)
  • Pencil Eraser Niblets, When All Else Fails
  • Any Substance Not Mentioned On Our List?image

43 thoughts on “Reader Friday: What Substance Fuels Your Writer’s Engine?

  1. Coffee — three cups in the morning and a cup in the late afternoon — and a root beer (either Barqs or A&W) in the evening.

    If I were drinking, however, I would have to at least try Three Floyds Zombie Dust.

  2. 5-alarm salsa, baby. Over eggs or with chips, it will get the blood pumping.

    In my family, we have our own recipe from my mom. My older brother is in the process of bringing it commercially to the marketplace. RIO RED – by Paseo del Rio – the Flavors of San Antonio. Five pepper blend. In August, it should be in a major grocery chain across Texas. Woot!

  3. Diet Coke (along with mucho coffee in the morning and sometimes during the day and even into the early evening–doesn’t keep me awake) and way too many cigarettes.

    Do more writers smoke than the average population? Just curious.

    • to my own post… I’m 70 years old and have taken up some bad dietary habits in the belief that what I ate, drank and did in my formative and younger years is way more important than what I do now.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      • On my 79th birthday, Sheryl, I plan to visit a “Green Cross” establishment here in California and sample some herbal cigarettes Of the kind I haven’t seen since my college days. Celebrate! ???

        • Did I type 79? I meant 70. Actually I’ll start as soon as I work up the nerve to walk up to a green-cross dispensary and order a house special from the budtender.

  4. Espresso and Chocolate (the latter in a thick cream form, the one with low fruit sugar share in them and consumed with tea-spoon held up like a Popsicle). Sometimes bread with butter, plus Espresso. Or bread with butter and the mentioned chocolate cream above. And of course, Espresso. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • These concoctions sound very interesting, Victoria. If you’re ever in LA, let me know and we’ll brew some of that stuff up and share the brew at a table overlooking our koi ponds.

    • My standard order of consumption is coffee-chardonnay, Tom. I also love switching the order of said concoctions, but doing so tends to get me into trouble!

  5. I’m not a writer. I am a computer programmer. The fuel, though, is probably similar. I drink coffee in the morning, but I find I have better clarity of mind, after downing a frozen banana whey smoothie made with almond milk, a drop of vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon.

    • Ah yes, I worked with IT engineers in a previous life. They seemed to thrive on the worst tasting brew imaginable. I think caffeine was all that counted with them. I would always bring my one carefully brewed, precisely measured (half coffee, half-hot milk) jumbo travel mug of java from home each day. Once that fuel was gone (usually before I arrived at work), there was no more coffee for me. Being finicky saved me from developing a major caffeine addiction!

    • Yes, I believe he switched elixirs in a major way at some point. Still writing good monsters though!

    • Sweetened or unsweetened iced tea, Patricia? My niece from South Carolina is visiting, and she’ll ONLY drink “sweet tea.” I suggested adding sugar to the unsweetened variety, but she indignantly informed me that it simply isn’t the same thing, not even close. ?

  6. Diet coke, first thing. Although I wouldn’t exactly call it a choice, more of a necessity. Sort of like plugging in the computer before turning it on. Pour it from 2 liter bottles so I don’t have a stack of bottles or cans nagging me about how much I’ve had. Back in my badge-wearing days, working graveyard, the paramedics next door used to offer to rig up an IV for me. I could use that now. Just a direct caffeine drip….

    • Back in the day, I had the same consumption habit with Tab, long before the invention of Diet Coke. After I was hospitalized twice for anemia due to bleeding ulcers, I kicked the Tab-then-Diet Coke habit, finally. They said the ulcers were caused by something called H pylori or something, and had nothing to do with any kind of drink or food, but ever since then I’ve been mistrustful of Coke-like beverages. Probably because I reAd someplace that you could use Coke to polish your car. Or something like that!

      • I had a friend whose DH was on an Air Force maintenance crew. He said they used Coke to clean engine parts. Never could get him to admit it was a joke. Maybe it wasn’t. Sure jump starts my engine, anyway!

    • Egg-zactly, Jim! Like nonalcoholic wine. I’d rather drink Welch’s grape juice. (And probably I SHOULD be drinking Welch’s grape juice instead of Toasted Head, but that’s a post for another day)!

    • I have to defend your friend, JSB. Never underestimate the power of a habit! (Though I can’t bear diet soda myself.) I’m super-sensitive to caffeine in beverages, but I enjoy decaf coffee a few mornings a week because I like the taste.

  7. I must be weird. I like water, over ice. Not bottled stuff, just plain old Missouri river water from the tap. Coffee smells better than it tastes to me. I’ll have a cup at a restaurant for breakfast, but no more than that.
    I had eight kidney stones in one year a few years ago. They stopped when I started drinking more water.
    Barq’s root beer is a favorite of mine too, Joe.

  8. 1. Coffee in the morning. One very large cup! (Remember the 7-11 mugs?)
    2. Organic lemon juice and water. I like the sour and do not use sugar or any sweetener in it. I used to drink lots of Diet Pepsi until I discovered the dangers of aspertame. The sugared drinks have high frutose corn syrup. Besides, I am diabetic, so I wouldn’t dare drink it. My high blood sugar went from extremely high to normal and low normal. It was a lifesaver.
    3. Sometimes I stick with the lemon water all day, or switch to ice water. Occasionally, I will drink beer or wine, but not often. Of course, I love chocolate, but I do have to be careful and limit myself. Potato chips? We won’t talk about those! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Okay, I’m on board with all of the aforementioned substances. Without the healthy self-preserving limits you mentioned, of course. How i’ve made it to my ripe old age of (xx), I will never know! ?

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