I was stunned this morning by the news that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are going to merge. They will all conglomerate onto one massive site called YouTwitFace.

Yes, this is April 1, and also Reader Friday. So when have you been fooled big time? Or, on the other hand, what tomfoolery have you unleashed on others?


10 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: In the News

  1. Years ago, in Victoria, BC, a popular boating area, the newspaper ran an article about a new bug, complete with drawings of the ugly thing, that ate fiberglass.

    Myriads of boat owners called their insurance companies asking if special insurance coverage was available, and immediately asked for their boats to be hauled out of the water and the hulls checked, etc.

    My husband and I had a boat at the time. The article caught me for about 10 seconds. We did not call our insurance company.

    BTW, love “YouTwitFace.”

  2. Already using YouTwitFace 😉 and loving it.

    Two best April Fool’s were the 1957 spaghetti-tree hoax – – and the Guardian’s 1977 seven-page hoax supplement on San Serrife –

    I was too young to experience the first one ‘live’ but my parents remembered it. The second, I actually bought at the time and enjoyed immensely. I’ve always looked for hoaxes to match those.

    Moon landings?

  3. My New York Times crossword today had in its answers: Due to budget cuts, the New York Times Crossword Puzzle will end tomorrow.

    That isn’t the least bit funny, imho.

  4. How DARE they steal from us at Osborn School. You twit face was the standard insult, noun, or adjective for anyone who crossed you, your friends, or ANY ONE from Longview or Grandview Schools.

    “Killy killy, killy, killy,
    wash, wash, wash, wash,
    ki-ya, ki-ya, ki-ya.
    Hail to Osborn,
    Hail to thee,
    something, something,

    I’ll NEVER for the school song.
    (Except for the something, somethings.)

  5. The local paper ran pictures of a submarine that had accidentally ended up at City Lake. People came with picnic baskets to look for it. City Lake is landlocked.

    In these people’s defense, this was pre-Internet and pre-Photoshop, and most people actually trusted the paper.

    A few years ago, one of the publishing trade magazines published an online article about a new computer program that would replace authors. The scary/sad part was that a number of book editors hoped it was true so they wouldn’t have to deal with writers anymore.

  6. This morning I told my son that it was take-your-parents-to-school day. He accepted it but wasn’t looking forward to it. He told me that he didn’t want me to attend his classes, and asked me if I had to stay the entire day with him. I said yes.
    I drove to the drop off curb and he told me I needed to park in the lot. Then I told him he could get out at the curb and I would look for a parking space. When he got ready to leave the car I hugged him and said, “April fool’s, baby!” He stared at me and said he hates me, but he looked relieved.

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